Meet LG’s Rolling Bot, the spherical robot with lasers, lights, and cameras


One of the companion devices that LG announced alongside the G5 today is the Rolling Bot, which really seems more like something you’d see from a toy company, not a major electronics manufacturer like LG. Either way, the device has some pretty nifty features baked in, and it can even take care of your pets while you’re away. Sort of.

The Rolling Bot features an embedded 8 megapixel camera and WiFi connectivity, so you can connect to the little sphere from your smartphone from anywhere and control it around your house. As a home security system, that’s actually pretty convenient since you can move the device to anywhere in your house, as opposed to keeping it in one static location.

It also has a laser pointer and a voice module, which is why it’s touted as being capable of entertaining your pets while you’re away. In theory, that makes sense, and maybe some of you have pets that would love to have a robot rolling around the house to keep them occupied. I’m pretty sure if the Rolling Bot started lighting up and talking to my dog while I wasn’t home, though, he’d take off and hide in the closet until I came home.

There’s also an IR blaster on the bot, in case you want to use it as a moving remote for when you just don’t want to get off the couch to change the channel. There’s probably some other features in the pipeline, too, whenever LG announces pricing and availability.

Speaking of those two things, there’s no solid date or price tag just yet, but it probably won’t be available with the G5 right out of the gate. And considering a WiFi camera by itself usually costs upwards of $100, don’t be surprised if the Rolling Bot is priced outside of the “casual user” price range.

The G5 kicked off MWC, but that’s not the only thing happening this year. You can keep up with the rest of our coverage here.

About the Author: Jared Peters

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