Samsung’s Gear 360 to come alongside the Galaxy S7

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On Sunday night, Samsung told the world that its newest range of products, headlined by the Galaxy S7, will come on February 21 during MWC 2016. But, as I noted yesterday, the video posted online by the company made it clear that virtual reality will have a prominent role in Samsung’s future. The man in the teaser was wearing a Gear VR headset while navigating the digital world around him, but the next device furthering Samsung’s virtual reality efforts may not be about experiencing the technology for yourself. Samsung seems to want people to record 360-degree imagery themselves.

The Gear 360 will allegedly debut with the Galaxy S7 next month.


SamMobile is confirming that the Gear 360 (SM-C200), a camera capable of seeing the world around it at every angle, will be launched at Samsung’s upcoming Unpacked event. The source states the device will utilize two 180-degree fisheye lenses to complete its goal. Since there are two lenses, an option exists to record just one side covering 180 degrees. Users will be able to adjust HDR, exposure, white balance, and ISO from a companion app and also watch what the camera sees in real-time.

Maximum resolution will come in at 3840×1920, which equates to 1920×1920 per lens.

The Gear 360 will be powered by its own battery, removing the need to connect another power source for use. And when it comes to storing content, an unspecified amount of internal storage is included.

The approach might actually sound familiar because, earlier this month, Samsung’s Project Beyond was pointed at as the predecessor to a device recently trademarked “Gear 360.”


Gear 360 support is guaranteed for the Galaxy S7, considering Samsung will be pushing the two devices at the same time; however, the source has not revealed whether or not previous Samsung flagships will work the the Gear 360.

A release date and the Gear 360’s pricing is still unknown, but a device with this type of technology will likely be on the pricier end of the virtual reality spectrum.

Source: SamMobile

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