Google may take total control over making the Nexus


Most people in the Android community have heard of the Nexus line. Their software is totally stock from Google and their hardware is from some other manufacture. However, that all could change in the future.

Google seems to be continuing forward with its plan to completely control the Nexus line to compete directly with the iPhone. It would still run stock Android, but hardware would now be made by Google as well. Of course, they will probably source parts from other manufactures like everyone else, but overall, the device would be theirs.

Google makes huge money off of Android as is, but reports say Google is still worried about Apple. They feel this may be the only way to deliver an Android product that consumers will love in order to take away business from the iPhone. Doing this would also make everything work even smoother together than before. That is the main reason people enjoy their iPhones so much.

There still isn’t a ton of proof showing Google will do this, but they did already do this with their Pixel line of Chromebooks and tablets. Doing a similar strategy with the Nexus doesn’t seem to far-fetched.

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  • Timothy Anderson

    Any word that this nexus HW include project Ara, or did that die on the vine? I have not heard anything about that recently.

    • Brent

      I assume they are still working on it. Only heard a few small stories, but nothing major recently.