AT&T introduces Data Perks, where you can take surveys in return for free data


AT&T has introduced a new program called Data Perks where users can take surveys and complete other promotions in turn for data. All you have to do is download the Data Perks app, start taking surveys and completing other offers, and then you begin accruing data for taking these surveys.

For example, you might see a video promotion to watch, which will reward you some 100MB of data after watching the full 10 minute video. Other promotions might want you to fill out a survey from an advertiser, which will give you 25, 50, or maybe even 75MB of data.

AT&T says you can earn up to 1000MB of data during a single billing period. Obviously they couldn’t splurge and offer that extra 24MB of data to make it a gigabyte per month. That’d be going just a bit too far in the name of generosity. Another requirement is that you have a postpaid account with AT&T, prepaid accounts aren’t eligible to participate in Data Perks.

When it comes down to it, this isn’t really a great incentive. You’re completing time consuming surveys and watching lengthy ads, making it not even really worth your time–24MB here, 50MB here, and so on. It might be nice in wanting to avoid overages, but that’s about it.

What do you think of Data Perks? If you want to give it a try, hit the download link below.

Play Store Download Link

source: AT&T

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