YouTube Music Key Beta may be rebranded as YouTube Red


Next week Google will be making several announcements, like the launch of their new generation of Nexus devices. Not all changes will be related to hardware though as some software and application updates are expected. One of these changes that has surfaced, thanks to some astute observers noticing some app wording, is the possible rebranding of the YouTube Music Key Beta subscription service as YouTube Red.

The YouTube Music Key Beta service launched in late 2014 and was focused on music delivered via the YouTube app as opposed to Google’s Play Music. One of the benefits users on the platform enjoyed was the ability to keep a video playing in the background when a user switched to a different app. This allowed users to continue to enjoy some background music while they attended to other matters.

The term “YouTube Red” now pops up in a dialog box or in a notification box when a YouTube user who has the Music Key Beta switches to a different app. The notifications describe YouTube Red as a way to keep videos playing even though the screen may be off or switched to a different app. This description matches what Music Key Beta offers, so many think this is the new name for the service. The new wording is included in YouTube v10.37 which was released within the past few days.

Although the dialog screens in YouTube have changed, users have thus far not found any other modifications to the Music Key Beta service, in either the app or online at the web site, to indicate a change is pending.

source: Android Police

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