TalkAndroid Tutorial: Download and install the new Android Market on your rooted 2.2+ device

Been dying to try out the new Android Market, announced last week? If so, we’ve got a package here you might like. Available for download is the new Android Market version 2.2.6, and we’re going to tell you how to install it, as well as how to get rid of it if it causes you problems. As always, TalkAndroid cannot be held liable for any damage you may do to your device, as you will be messing with some base system files, but if you’re ready to don your geek hat, hit the break for a full set of instructions.

Requirements: You will need your device to be rooted, as well as running a ROM that is based on 2.2 or above. You will also need root access to the file system. We will be showing you how to do this with Root Explorer, which is a $2.50 app, but well worth the cost. I use it just about every day.

  1. Download the found here, and place it on the root of your SD Card.
  2. Download and open Root Explorer. Make sure to give it root permission when prompted. Navigate to /system/app
  3. Find “Vending.apk”, tap it and hold until a menu pops up. Choose “Rename”, and add “.bak” to the end of the file name. It should now look like this: Vending.apk.bak
  4. Reboot your device. Once your device is restarted, use Root Explorer to navigate to the root of your SD Card. Once there, find the com.vending_2.2.6.apk and install it.
  5. Reboot one more time for good measure.

And that’s it! You should now have the new Android Market on your device! Now, if for any reason the new Market doesn’t work on your device properly, all you have to do is go to setting > Applications > Manage Applications, find the Android Market, and Uninstall it. Then, just go back into Root Explorer, navigate to /system/app, and rename Vending.apk.bak back to Vending.apk, and then reboot.

There have been reports of the new market working on 1.6 and 2.1, but we weren’t able to try it out. Be sure to let us know how it goes for you in the comments! If you come across any issues, be sure to hit the info link below to be taken to the application thread.

[info via xda]

  • curse

    YaaaY 23h 45 min less time to regret a buy and 50% of screen filled with what google want us to install.. totally crap, especially on QVGA devices

  • Marlene

    Installed on my moto Droid running 2.2.1-running flawlessly and looks cool: )

  • astiasto

    The APK doesnt need root. It updates the normal market.

  • ron

    Are all those extra steps required? I just downloaded the .apk and installed it. It asked if I wanted to replace my current market. I chose yes and everthing works no proplem.

  • Bogdan

    i just download on my sd card and after i go to files, i find on sd card the app and i just press install, the phone ask me if i want to replace the market vers xxx i press yes and start to install. after finish i just go to market and i have the new market, without restart, without rename nothing. i have samsung vibrant tmobile

  • Brian Rubin

    Huh, the new Market works great on my rooted EVO. Why might one need to go this route?

  • edgardo

    Foreclosed after install.

  • giovmendoza

    I guess the extra step (backing up a file) should be treated a “recommendation.” In case something goes wrong after installation, you’ll then be able to revert to original state…

  • Al

    well first rout didnt work- “Vending.apk cannot be renamed because the file system is read-only.” and just installing the apk from sd was unsuccessful..

  • Charles

    It doesn’t install on my wildfire… why…?
    I tried all the steps…
    Mine is 2.2