A Palm smartphone running Android? It could happen in 2015


Oh how I remember dropping by my local CompUSA in the 90s to buy the first Palm Pilot. Now after the brand (and WebOS) has been killed by HP, it just might be coming back from the dead.

It appears Alcatel Onetouch has bought the Palm trademarks from HP by means of a shell corporation called Wide Progress Global Limited. The transfer of the trademarks was signed by the President of the Americas and Pacific of Alcatel Onetouch.

What exactly is Alcatel OneTouch planning? We have no idea, but it’s like they will launch a phone under the Palm brand sometime next year. Alcatel does make a lot of Android phones, but they aren’t a household name. The Palm brand might not help the Alcatel brand per se, but it could very well jump start their sales. We will have to keep an eye on this one.

sources: webosnation / USPTO
via: Android Central