Chromecast made up 20% of streaming media device sales in 2014

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When Google released the Chromecast, it was set at a very cheap price point in order to chew up as much market share as quickly as possible, similar to Google’s approach with Android. Looks like that tactic paid off for the little streaming dongle, as the Chromecast holds second place in the market share race after just over a year on the market.

In 2013, Roku and Apple TV made up over half of the market, with Roku leading the way by a considerable margin. In 2014, that shifted dramatically with Roku losing a large percentage of the market and Apple TV actually coming in third behind Google’s second place Chromecast. Since the Chromecast is significantly cheaper than what’s offered by Roku or Apple, that’s helped it rise in market share so quickly.

As a side note, Amazon’s Fire TV claimed about 10% of the market after being on the market for just a few months. It’s not quite as impressive as the Chromecast’s 20%, but it shows both Google and Amazon are committed to getting users into their ecosystems as soon as possible.

source: Parks Associates

via: 9 to 5 Google