Nexus 7 (2012) owners are feeling like their tablet is ‘unusable’ after the Lollipop update


The anticipation of receiving (or manually installing) a new Android update is mind blowing. Not only can’t you wait to see the new interface, but your also hoping the performance will dramatically improve. Unfortunately that’s not the case for a lot of Nexus 7 (2012) owners.

Many users are reporting that their tablet has become so slow and buggy with restarts that it’s “unusable.” One of the Google product experts suggested clearing the recovery cache partition, but unfortunately that hasn’t helped.

It’s also possible that users with the 8 GB model might be experience more issues than others since there is less space to work with. Are you experiencing this same problem with your Nexus 7 (2012)? If so, what is your storage capacity?

source: Google Product Forums

  • Albert

    it’s still usable, at times seems a bit slower than before. I have 32 GB though…

    • John

      Unacceptably slow.

      Utterly, utterly awful. 16GB Nexus 7. Apps / OS settings pages / etc taking up to 10 seconds to load. Tried cache wipe mad no difference.

  • QwertyJuan

    Now they know what iPhone 4 users felt like last year when iOS7 was released and how iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and iPad Mini users feel like with iOS8!

    Just one more thing that Google copied from Apple! ;)

    • gigis83

      These companies want people to buy new devices. Not OS update

  • gigis83

    It’s a way to make people update devices. Nothing more

  • El Payaso

    The 2012 N7 has really terrible NAND memory.

  • nexus_user

    It is as unusable as it was before. It has been a nightmare using this device for quite some time now. Lollipop changes nothing. Ups, sorry. Now it’s a nightmare with fireworks.

  • Ledif

    Work flawlessly. Nexus 32GB – Clean install using fastboot.

  • bolski

    32gb. Works great. At first, I didn’t wipe user data and there were some performance issues. I then backed up my data, wiped user data and now it’s working great.

  • AderC

    OTA update was unusable. Clean install via fastboot is fine. Nexus 7 2012 32gb

  • mike

    Turning off google now and restricting background processes to 2 made a HUGE difference for me. 32gb model

  • Parker Kit

    It seems to be unstable from time to time. I’ve yet to be able to identify the problem but most hang seems come when I was using the keyboard though.

  • William Donald Morton

    I have no problems with mine! Works perfect.

  • 84guy

    i cant use chrome or chrome beta. locks up randomly. thinking about doing a wipe

  • myepicyear

    Mine is as usable as it was before. Granted, I’ve had the N7-2013 and Nexus 4 as my daily devices for awhile now, so I typically use the 2012 version as a throw around/worry-free device for more “risky” situations, (walking the dog around the block, watching movie/TV show, etc..) as I wouldn’t be devastated if I dropped it, or anything like that; so obviously I don’t have the same vested interest in the device anymore..
    With that said, since the Lollipop upgrade, I’ve spent quite a bit of time with it again out of excitement/curiosity for the 5.0 upgrade, and just wanting to see how well (or not) it would handle such a major system overhaul. In fact, I’m using it to type this out now.☺I can honestly say that it handles it quite well, everything considered. It’s not worse off than it was before, and I certainly wouldn’t call it all. I suspect many (not all) of the people who find it unusable are the types push that push their devices to the limit. I’ve always kept a clean setup on my devices–even the ones that can easily handle giant loads. Only third party apps that I have a use for stay installed, but much more importantly, any apps with sync/push notification functionality (Google or third-party) that I like to use and want to keep, but don’t care enough about their content to have them auto-syncing in the background–I disable those settings in these applications. Most applications–especially third party–if I want to see their info, I just open them. If I don’t open it, I typically don’t care to see it. Why run through needless CPU cycles for things I don’t care that much about. This stuff can make huge differences in system performance. Things I use religiously–like Google Now, Chrome sync, Google Keep, Appy Geek news-feed widgets, Gmail/Inbox, Okay Google voice-detection, Play Games match notifications, PocketCasts auto-download, and some more things–I reserve tons of horsepower for those things that I love, so they always have more than enough to run efficiently and effectively. I could work my devices harder, but the rest would be excess for my uses/needs. I think the rest of the people have low storage models or low storage available in general, have worn out or damage components, and other things of that nature.
    I own a 16GB model–one which was part of the first wave of manufactured devices right when the Nexus 7 came out; one that came before all the later hardware revisions. It works as fine as it did on KitKat, but can stutter on some animations. I don’t believe that this update was meant to cripple the device, so that people would buy new ones. I think Google made it work okay enough for release, and didn’t want to leave it behind–if not only because of mounting pressure due to Apple’s well-respected track-record of device support.
    And that’s my take on the situation.
    Good day everyone.

  • Tj james

    There’s only one reason for all the problems and it’s???????????? ¿!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!!MONEY. WITH THE TECHNOLOGY TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE TODAY THERE SHOULD BE ZERO ISSUES.MONEYMONEYMONEY

  • Jeff Bracey

    I had no problems after full install on my Nexus 7 2012, but it did lag. So I loaded custom ROM of Lollipop running on f2fs filesystem instead of ext4 (standard) filesystem. Result was it is now running faster than ever. It’s too bad it takes so much work to get this result.

    • Jeff Westerlund

      Hi Jeff, Would you be willing to share how to do what you mentioned above? I would love to have my nexus working again…

  • Phil Katz

    Just awful — I cannot even access basic Google functions (hello, Google Play) without freezing the system. OTA update, 8 GB model that worked just fine with KitKat.

  • MosEspa83

    Nexus 7, 16GB. It’s been terrible since the upgrade, incredibly slow, laggy, multiple restarts and freezes, basically unusable. Waiting for an update ASAP.

  • Jean-Philippe Duval

    Nexus 7 2012 32GB and my tablet is totally unusable!!!! Slow, crash….and if I try to turn it on while charging my tablet start to buzz!!!!!! Worse update EVER!!!!

  • Garry Knight

    My 16GB Nexus 7 2012 was incredibly slow after the update. I did a factory reset, reinstalled all of my apps and data, and it now seems as good as it was.

    • Andrew B.

      And now??

  • pretor

    The same here. nexus 7 wifi 2012 32gb, after update with android 5.0, all in nexus is SLOWWWWWWWWW.

    Rotate, apps, restarts, …..

    The Google guy’s should go to sleep!

    they dont test the table?

  • colin

    I still haven’t even received the update for my nexus u 2012.

  • Vicki Shirley

    This update has ruined my tablet. Its crazy slow or crashes constantly. If I buy another tablet it won’t be google. So sad I used to love this thing.

    • Alex Cobb

      Hey, give them a break. A 2.5 year old device getting an update is rough. Just be patient. They’ll come around.

      • Lekram

        Uh. No. They do a staggered deploy of their software. There is absolutely no way they didn’t test the OS on a Nexus 7 before releasing which means they released the software fully aware that they were reducing performance on the older products. It’s all in an effort to force consumers to buy a newer device. Anyone who believes otherwise is fooling themselves. Also, when you take my fully functioning $200 device and give it an OTA update that basically bricks it, no i’m sorry, you (they) don’t deserve my patience. Everyone who is mad is deservedly so.

      • parapher

        Give them a break on what?! How about they give us Nexus 7 2012 users a break? They released this knowing full well the performance issues it would entail. Tablet and phone hardware has advanced tremendously since the first N7 was released and the only conclusion that can be drawn from this debacle is that they’d like you to consider any annoyance caused by this update a nudge towards getting a newer device. This is not some kind of little mod your neighborhood friend put together in his bedroom; it is Google releasing this after broad testing. It is clear they decided the N7 2012 was not important enough to consider. In other words, they weren’t going to downgrade what they wanted to do with Android 5.0 just so that an older tablet might perform OK. That is all it is…

  • jpm

    Just sat with a friend for 2 hours with his N7 (2012) 16 gig and after his update it was ridiculously slow. Took the advice I saw here to restore the system and it helped quite a bit, but then after downloading all the apps it slowed down again right around the time we started up Facebook for the first time. We shut down the tablet and after restarting it seemed to be back to normal responsiveness again. Finger’s crossed, but I’m not gonna update my N7 for a while.

  • LOV

    same here … nothing works… every app crashes….. incredible slow .. unusable… (and the new design is horrible btw)

  • OlavMoen

    It shouldn’t be too hard to dig a 4.4.5 (4.4.4 with bugfixes) out of the code repositories. Google should do that asap and offer it as an OTA to everybody with a device that is too weak to provide decent performance with lollipop.

  • tabibaby

    Absolutely awful! My son said I should just factory reset if they don’t come up with a fix asap. I just loved my tablet and now I don’t. The new format is crap anyway.

  • andre

    This upgrade to lollipo is making my nexus 7 (first generation) crash and slow. How can google dare rolling out such nonsense!?

  • becky

    Everything has become very slow, but I’ve cleared the cache and it seems s bit better. I don’t have a 8 gb, not sure what it is but on storage I have 27gb internal storage

  • Ally

    I have the highest GB on my NEXUS 7 and it is unusable! I restored my factory settings and did the recovery cache partition, as well as changed the animation settings. My applications take more than 15 seconds to load. I HATE it. One reason more to switch to APPLE. They at least allow you and help you switch back to any OS if you are not happy with it.

  • Ally

    OH! I don’t have a lot of apps nor do I have music. I have plenty of free storage left and LOLLIPOP OS is telling me I have to delete some apps because I soon won’t have storage left….ridiculous.

  • Andrew B.

    Nexus 7 2012 32GB… Unbearable now after OTA 5.0 upgrade! I tried the cache clear, and even went as far as factory reset (clear all user data) and then resynchronized my Google account and reinstalled my apps. Terrible lag, random reboots, Chrome is now nearly unusable, rotate randomly stops working… Seems Google either didn’t beta Lollipop on this device, or did but decided it wasn’t important to release a stable upgrade for 2012 tablets?
    I did have limited success with disabling Google Now (makes a difference) and limiting background apps and transitions (in developer mode settings) but I shouldn’t have to hobble my device just to make it usable!
    Hopefully Google releases a fix/update soon!

  • ggarygs

    Lollipop has totally trashed out my nexus 7 2012 32 GB. Constant crashes of Facebook, chrome, gmail, the is etc. Horrible. Going to have to buy a new tablet. As much as I hate apple it might be an iPad

    • PaladinPierce

      Try a restart first and save some money.

  • Carlos

    I own 2 2012 Nexus 7 16Gb & along with 2013 Nexus (Gen 2). Both the 2012 ones are slow and iswithou without update to lollipop. Whydide they only screw over 2012 owners?

    • Carlos


  • Terry Barker

    I had all these problems initially, but after rooting, using the Android Root Toolkit, they all disappeared. You may be reluctant to try it, as you’re afraid you’ll destroy or brick your device. Don’t worry. I’ve also bricked my N7 accidentally, and it’s easily recovered from.

  • Mike Treanor

    32 GB Nexis 7 with 1 GB of RAM: I would say the device is not usable. I use one application at a time, except that I keep the settings page handy so that I can stop as many background processes as I can. I have to do this with every app that I launch. Facebook by itself is too much for it now. The system uses 280 MB of RAM. Google Play uses 58 MB, and if I try to stop that I get all sorts of warnings. If I don’t have more than 500 MB free, applications will not launch. Basically, I can look at the icons but I cannot launch anything. Because Google has been completely silent on this issue for over a month, I think we have to assume the worst: Google pushed out an operating system that requires you to upgrade your hardware and will not support anyone who does not. We also have to assume Google will repeat this every year or two. That seems malicious to me.

  • renGek

    My N7 with 16gigs was great until about 7 months ago and it became a lag death trap. After much debugging and experimenting I know for me at least what the problem is. However, I don’t know the actual cause or how to fix it. I am rooted and on stock btw.

    Previously (since the lag issue first appeared), I had tried about 3 factory resets and it would be fine for about a day. I tried deleting and readding my google account but that did nothing. Deleted cache partition etc. None of it worked.

    One day when I started lagging which I notice happens just about every time I wake the device. On one such incident I went into a task killer (which took forever to open because of the lag and you all know how that feels) and killed google play store. Device was no longer lagged instantly. But sometimes the play store would relaunch itself in a few minutes and I lag again.

    I went a bit further and notice that whenever I’m lagged my google account was syncing up as well. Almost every time it would display a sync error message while syncing up with google contacts and it would also take forever syncing up with google calendar.

    So for me I think there are 2 things that can cause a lag. When I removed auto sync 90% of my lag disappeared but every so often I still needed to kill the play store service. But thats not really acceptable to me since I do have a lot of stuff that I need syncing between my Nexus 5 and N7. What I have now is sync on about 5 things but excluding calendar and contact which seems to be a major culprit. Ultimately, this is a cludge fix and to me is not acceptable for a product that I paid for. However, right now its working to a point that I can live with. Since I have owned this for over 2.5 years and its pretty cheap I’m not going to lose sleep over it.

  • Tony

    I have three nexus 7 2012 tablets all three are bricks after update been two months now since update and I still can’t use them went out and bought a new iPad mini for myself and my wife had enough with Google and it’s nonsense will never buy again

  • Van Decker

    16gb 2012, was lagging so I did a factory reset, a little better but pretty much unusable, wish there was an easy option to roll back to kit kat.

  • frasu

    Nexus 7, 32GB- 10GB free, no strange apps. I just loved my tablet and now I don’t-right I hate it! It’s been terrible since the upgrade, incredibly slow -ridiculously,
    laggy, multiple restarts and freezes, even screen turning is now soo slow, basically unusable. The new format is crap anyway. Can’t wait for an
    update-now it’s just good for throwing out of the window! No success with disabling Google Now.
    Worse update EVER!!!!
    I fear they did this on purpose, so we all need to buy the next nexus-they don’t care
    Are there still no solutions available? Please solutions just for dumb user, I’m not a geek :(

  • frasu

    Nexus 7, 32GB- 10GB free, no strange apps. I just loved my tablet and
    now I don’t-right I hate it! It’s been terrible since the upgrade,
    incredibly slow -ridiculously,
    constantly multiple restarts and freezes, even screen rotation is now soo
    slow, basically unusable. Can’t wait for an update-now it’s just good for throwing out of the
    window! No success with disabling Google Now. Worse update EVER!!!!
    I fear they did this on purpose, so we all have to buy the next nexus-
    they don’t care about their former customer.
    Are there still no solutions available?
    Please solutions just for experienced user, I’m not a geek :(

  • Tavares Price

    I just updated to from 5 to 5.0.2 and its even worse. Its slow, freezes a ridiculous number of times. I fear that this tablet is now of no value, unless google can fix the issues.

  • Joshua Rivera

    My nexus 7 1st gen is not working after the recent update. It was working slow with the previous update now it doesn’t work at all. It force closes for no reason. It turns off and restarts on its own. It doesn’t load apps. I’m livid right now

  • roger’d

    Yeah, I have 1st Gen N7 16GB … never rooted or messed with anything on it … Lollipop update came through the other week causing an infinite boot loop. Spent hours trying to enter recovery, ADB mode, etc, but since I never bothered to unlock the bootloader before the device crashed I have been completely unable to format & restore a previous version of Android onto the device. This is really sad because it is completely bricked, yet I did absolutely no tinkering on my end. I have rooted many phones in the past with no issues so it is so silly to me that an “out of the box” nexus device would kill itself like that.

  • Keith B

    Yah the A-Holes at Google Android have essentially BRICKED my N7 8GB to a useless nothing thanks to Lollishit 5.0.2!! EVERYTHING is so BLOATWARE with Lollishit that I don’t have enough space (900+ MB free) to update ANYTHING now!! It’s USELESS. I’m, pissed enough to go an buy a CrApple iFad Mini!!

  • Kat70

    Mine wont download the 5.0.2. Something happened to my nexus in one day. I cant delete things i can only get into my tablet if i disable my wifi and i cant touch my apps. OTherwise i go back through the reboot loop. I tried to wipe the data but it just reboots and everything is still there and i tried to manually download 5.0.2 but again just as it was about to finish it rebooted and back to the original 4.4.4. I find it hard to believe this is hardware related when it occurs when almost 1/2 the android users are having a similar situation…

  • Brian67

    Come on google sort these problems out quick my Nexus 7 and by the look of things many other owners are not happy with latest update.This is unacceptable customer care.

  • Pramod jodhani

    I was so excited for the update but this has been the worst update ever. I seriously cannot use my tablet.

  • Beaglebud

    Updated my nexus 7 (16GB) to version 5.0.2 the other day. Now my tablet is next to useless having to continually reboot. Apps will not run and when they do, they bog down and tablet freezes. This update is a piece of crap. Cannot believe software engineers and programmers were allowed to distribute this without some form of beta testing. By the numbers of people with issues, it is plain to see that the problems should have been discovered. Besides the update performance issues, the keyboard had changed to white eliminating contrast and making it hard to use. My email app was hijacked to force me to use gmail and I lost group settings and some contact information. This update will most assuredly cause me to change to the Ipad if the problems are not addressed soon

  • Robert

    Just upgraded and I totally agree. This is unusable now. How do we get this fixed quickly

  • TAMower

    I didn’t have an option to update my 32 gig 2012 Nexus 7 to Lollipop until a couple of days ago. After reading all the negative press about the upgrade, when it downloaded automatically, I was careful not to install it. My Nexus was running fast and fine and I was very happy with Kit Kat. I’m not the type who’s eager for a new OS because of the inevitable bugs. So, I avoided installing the upgrade but when I rebooted my tablet, it installed itself and now my beautiful tablet is unusable. My only upgrade has been to 5.0.2. I have never seen anything so poorly done; upgrading my iPhone 4 to iOS 7 was nowhere near this bad. I have the following symptoms: painfully slow boot, lagging overall system, crashing apps, apps so slow I simply can’t use them, rapidly draining battery, failure to fully charge over 12 hours and device freezes. I have taken the following actions to remedy this: activated “Force GPU rendering,” disabled Google Now, removed Live Wallpaper and cleared cache. I have not yet done a factory reset but I guess that is next since I don’t see any other options unless someone has another suggestion. It’s sad because I have only had this device a little over a year since I bought it just before the next version came out. I really liked it and it has done everything I asked of it until now…:(

  • Kevin Blackledge

    32-GByte Nexus 7 is now almost completely unusable. It locks up continuously and has to be power-cycled, which is a temporary fix at best, until the next time it locks up.

  • swashfilm

    Absolute garbage. Get what you pay for here. Love Apple products but was well ng to switch over to all Android. My Nexus 7 with he new update is trash. Utter rubbish. So is my Nexus 4 phone for the same reasons. I was willing to defend android before this. Not now. Buy Apple!

  • Done with android

    I upgraded my 1st generation nexus tablet now none of my apps work my tablet won’t shut down nothing works. This is worse than the recent Apple upgrades debacle! I was about to switch to an android phone but not now. They better fix this!!!

  • frustrated!!!

    Yes i hate my nexus tablet now! I have 4 gb storage! Ha chrome quit I was trying to respond!!!!

  • Thoroughly pissed off !!!

    32gb Nexus 7 2012. Totally f***** since upgrade. Running perfectly before. Upgrade was not fit for purpose so Google should have a legal obligation to put things right! I’ve read several suggested solutions some of which might as well be written in Chinese for all the sense they make to me – I’m not a techie! Get your bloody finger out Google, and fix it!!! Just a suggestion but how about testing the next upgrade before releasing it !!! W*****s !!!

  • Plonkers !!!

    Hey, Google, turn around, drop your pants and bend over. I want to return your Lollipop !!!

  • john

    My tablet is unusable too. Tried reset, cache clear -did not work. I have never been less satisfied with a software product. A major clusterfuck by google.

  • Hersir

    So glad I’m not the only one who’s having this issue. Was working fine.. till they added this update. Guess I should have never installed it…

  • TomR ATL

    My Nexus 7 is useless to after the update. Never have seen a product so crippled by an update. Geeze Google/Android, was it really you plan to trash this dependabe tablet and send me scurrying to the apple store?? Fix this. Soon. Or I’m outta here. Tom in Atlanta.

  • giventofli

    My Nexus 7 32gig tablet works beautifully. I am so happy will my tablet. I would buy the exact same tablet now given the chance. This is how I felt before the lollipop update. OMG! I WANT MY TABLET BACK!! WTF! Crashing applications, apps are to slow to use, the battery take forever to recharge. I am deleting apps, I now have a basic blue wallpaper, I’ve cleared cache, deleted pictures. I now have a very basic tablet and it is still crap. Someone please help! Can I reset it to what it was when I first bought it? Fire! Fire! Fire!

  • Dannielle

    I had the same problem my nexus updated and ever since its useless bad move it needs to be sorted

  • Scott Miller

    It’s not exactly comforting to know I’m not alone in this – misery doesn’t really love company. And I don’t love google very much at the moment. I often lament the lack of support for early adopters as our technology investments are usually left out when updates arrive. I call it first in, left out… So I was excited to see that this first generation 16GB ASUS Nexus 7 was included in the Lollipop rollout. It’s worse than a brick now, because with a brick, you know the game’s over. But this Nexus still has a heartbeat and I’ve spent hours trying to elicit some evidence of higher brain function… The pages even turn slowly trying to salvage it as a book reader. Someone must have tested this before releasing it…?

  • Tracey Marston

    Since updating my nexus 7 my tablet is now so crap . I feel that they should be sued for this.

  • Chris Reich

    What is being done to fix this? Why can’t they let us roll back until they figure it out. I was using my tablet every day. Now it’s really useless. Is Google working on it?

    Why not let us trade for the new tablet? Straight across! They can afford it. Would be the best PR move since the Tylenol scare.

  • Chris Reich

    By the way—We’re not “feeling” like the tablet is not useable. The tablet IS NOT useable.

  • Kim

    I have loved my Nexus 7 32gig. The update has ruined the tablet. I have tried deleting everything, just tried clearing cache partition. Not one bit better. I USED my tablet more then my 2008 MacBook Pro, ( that runs fast and I have always updated without issue). Google should give people a trade in allowance for a new Nexus, but we all know that will never happen. I am an apple fan, but I loved my Nexus. I am ready to drop it in the trash and head to apple store. Apple bends over backwards to help and updates are usually rather smooth. Google has ruined my Nexus!

  • Azebov Sobelo

    I personally called Google support on this issue just about an hour or so ago and they dodged almost every issue. Eventually they tried to blame Asus and transferred me to them. I was as bit steamed they would shift blame to Asus. I had even asked who developed the Lollipop software, and was basically told “it doesn’t matter”…. then transferred to Asus.

    I am now glad I was transferred. When you know the right questions to ask you may get what you’re looking for. Asus informed me that Google never tested it’s new OS, Lollipop, on any of the 2012 Nexus 7s. Need I say more?

  • @peterjomalley

    Hello google! Me too! You doing anything about it? Hello?

  • DaRealXgen

    The Nexus 7 has been a great device so far and overall it runs perfectly. And then there’s Lollipop…WTF? First off, the Nexus now charges at an ungodly slow rate of 3-5 % per hour! And it discharges so fast that in order too get about half of the charge out of it that you used to, you better be ready to carry your charger EVERYWHERE! Apps that at one point ran smoothly are now buggy as hell, Chrome now runs like garbage, and apps crash all the time. This tablet is on its deathbed. It’s gonna take a miracle now to save it. Might ass well just release an update that bricks the Nexus 7 just so they can put this poor thing out of its misery.

  • FedUP

    My tablet has been completely unusable since this update. Disgusted.

  • salford

    Thought that it would be a good experience and much faster. Waste of time, and very VERY sluggish. Do not recommend to upgrade -10 / 10

  • Tammy Brown

    I see I am not the only one who is having major problems now after this update. I am totally frustrated and really upset that I went from having a working Nexus that I LOVED to a now nonworking Nexus that I am ready to chuck out the window. I didn’t spend the kind of money I did on this only to have a nonworking Nexus. This update is horrendous! Guess a call is in order, though it doesn’t look like from the comments I read that I can expect much of anything to happen.

  • Tami Hedrick

    After several tries (window closing, minutes for apps to come up etc)…It doesn’t make any difference whether you have a 8 GB or 16 GB with the Nexus 7 2012 – mine is 16 GB. I am ready to stomp on it. NOTHING IS WORKING RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOGLE FIX THIS OR LET US TRADE UP. Disgusted doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings.

  • fastrunner

    My tablet is useless, takes so long to load anything… What a waist of money, Thanks Google, I’ll now go to Costco and look at Apple products!

  • Woodman3

    Major headache. Hate this update. Why can’t we at least revert to earlier OS?

    • g

      Now I cannot access settings to check battery or will fi connections. I agree with you want the is I had this morning before the update!

  • unhappy nexus owner

    My nexus is now rubbish, if I finally access something it kicks me out, really not impressed wish I had never let the update run.

  • Frustrated

    Google f*cked up really bad this time! Nexus 7 used to work brilliantly in every way and after I updated to android latest version the battery takes ages to charge and it won’t fully charge no matter what. The battery is draining much quicker than before and every other day I get erro messages and the table re-starts?! Is there any way I can downgrade it back to what it was?! Upgrading worst thing I’ve ever done to it!

  • InYoFace

    Mine too. Fkn useless!!!! Google dicks don’t care they are rich and don’t need your paltry dollars. The only way to teach them is to hit every forum there is and trash their reputation. AND SWITCH TO APPLE. We owned four of these ….all garbage now so as a family we phasing out Google products and switching to iPad minis which are AWESOME!!! USE THE ONE WEAPON WE HAVE AND TRASH THEM online and buy iPads!!!

    • .

      News flash Apple has the same problem on their products.

      • InYoFace

        News flash….nice try but FAIL. I have owned a lot…and I mean A LOT….of devices like this in my life. My entire family of 4 each owns one as a matter of fact, and have all owned various tablets, etc. NONE OF US HAS EVER EXPERIENCED A RENDERING OF A DEVICE TO BE COMPLETELY USELESS. EEEEVVVVERRRRR. My wife and daughter tossed these pieces of junk and got IPad minies and guess what??? Not a single problem to date. My other daughter went with the mini originally quite a while agho and has NEVER EXPERIENCED A PROBLEM…So no, you will not experience Apple releasing an update that destroys your device. Only Google (Crapple) does that.
        I’m switching to the mini next month and will never look back and I suspect so will many others after this complete disaster by Google.

  • Kevin

    My nexus 7 2012 16gb was great I used it all the time for everything, I reckon it was better than my wife’s i pad. Then I installed the latest update to lollipop now I have all sorts of problems
    , freezing screen, screen wont scroll or will only scroll in one direction or scrolls in random jerks, often the screen opens in very large view size and won’t then resize so can’t see whole of screen and have to relode. Pages that i have not selected seem to randomly open themselves sometimes.
    Battery life now seems worse than before.
    Is there any hope of an upgrade to fix this rubbish upgrade, or rolling back to KitKat.
    I am going to email Google, I know I won’t get any joy from them but at least it will register complaint

    • Bob Epine

      Just turn off location to make it fast and usable again… but yeah we shouldnt have to do that workaround

  • Dave

    Yep, same story. My 32Gb N7 2012 has been perfect since day one and filled the gap between my iPhone and PC nicely. Now, post Lollipop, it us unusable. It doesn’t feel unusable, it actually IS unusable. And now I hear Google did not acceptance test it the N7 2012!? You have to wonder whether calling it “Lollipop”, something that gets sucked, was a coinicidence!

    • Bob Epine

      ust turn off location to make it fast and usable again… but yeah we shouldnt have to do that workaround

  • ack_linux

    I have the 2012 Nexus 7 and after the update to Lollipop it was completely unusable. Apps would take minutes to load and then would be completely unresponsive. Web browsing with Chrome was impossible. I manually reverted back to KitKat and it’s like a new tablet! Unfortunately the process to revert to KitKat is likely too complicated for many end users. It’s absurd that Google doesn’t provide an easy way to do this.

  • Bob Epine

    just turn off location to make it fast and usable again… but yeah we shouldnt have to do that workaround

  • dux_pup

    After the update, my Nexus 7 3G 2012 has only 6 GB internal storage instead of 32 GB.

  • VC10Android

    My Nexus is running really well with the Lollipop update. Has not slowed down at all, in fact it appears pleasantly smooth.

  • Alan

    Mine just stopped working, nothing at all, no hard recovery process works, its just dead. Opened up the box and checked the battery – fully charged at 4.17 volts and battery properly connected. Connected to pc, and the pc registers it connected, and on pressing the Nexus power button it disconnects and then reconnects. Its clear that Lollipop has completely broken the platform, probably without any hope of recovery. Thanks a lot Google, my next tablet will be an Apple!

  • Breaca

    I have the 16gb version, I normally love my nexus, since I’ve had it I’ve not had any major problems with it, so reliable.. That is until I updated to 5.0.2 & my tablet become posessed, simple things like changing the volume even became confusing as it would suddenly for no reason change the volume of alerts instead of the speakers, it became slow, unresponsive, crashed. I had to turn it off & on many times. Just trying to adjust the volume became a chore, having to flip through several menu options & buttons, which is ridiculous as it should respond to the button on the outside of the device.. After putting up with it all for nearly 2 weeks thinking I might just get used to it, I made the decision to roll my tablet back to 4.4 much happier now, my problem now is the update for 5.0.2 is still haunting me by being an alert & I’d like to know how I can stop it showing up..

  • Lori

    I have the 32g version, and it was wprking beautifully until the 5.0.2 update. It is now completely useless. Getting past the lock screen is even a chore, every app (imcluding chrome) crashes within minutes. Doing a simple search is not possible. I get so frustrated that I just want to smash it. Considering the amount of money that I spent, this should not be happening.

    • Sergio

      Whoever authorized the release of that update to the public should be fired immediately. What pisses me off the most is that the update was forced on us. There is no way to permanently dismiss the update.You can hide it temporarily but it’ll prompt you to install every 15 minutes. No one at Google tested this. At least you guys have a working tablet. Mine, completely stopped working. It won’t even turn back on so removing the update or upgrading is not even possible anymore. This update effectively bricked my device!

  • Al

    My 32Gb Nexus 7 was the Bees’ Knees before the Lollipop update. Now it makes an expensive door stop. How can have Google have got it so wrong. I’m glad that I’ve only ruined one of three androids I have. I shall be waiting for many months positive results to be published before I ever blindly upgrade again. Like many others reporting on here, l shall probably jump ship to Apple. Now I know why they attract a premium; they just work.

  • nonpartisan

    the last update made my device (1st gen – 16 GB) so laggy and so painful to use that I’m about to root it and throw something else on it instead. Google has been disappointing more than ever in the last year or two.

  • Wendy Humphrey

    I am furious that I upgraded. I agree with every one, my nexus was working perfectly before and has been nothing but trouble ever since upgrading. It freezes all of the time even trying to get passed the lock key is frustrating. I think I will have to change and will certainly not buy another Nexus again .
    It is a shame as before I had nothing but praise for it.

  • Ana

    My nexus has been unusable since the upgrade. Freezes constantly. I have found that avoiding using chrome helps a little. Most of the time it is extremely frustrating to even read a newspaper article. Giving up on android products and going for an iPad mini and iPhone. Those users seem much happier with their products.

    • bea

      I followed instruction’s posted on one website that worked fairly well. In settings >about tablet>build number > tap build number seven times > developer option is now enabled. Next disable or turn off all animation options. Next check force GPU rendering. I also unchecked the Use Nuplayer experimental box and I uninstalled all chrome updates. I use dolphin browser mostly. Then reboot and see if it helps.

      • E

        Turning on Force GPU Rendering seemed to greatly improve performance on my 2012 Nexus 7

      • m mcknight

        I just tried this and it seems to work well so far. I left google chrome alone but used all the other tips and my Nexus 7 16g is running smoothly and haven’t had an issue since. Thank you for this post. It’s the only thing that I’ve tried that helped. Now I don’t have to throw my tablet at the wall.

    • jps234

      This worked for me hope it helps. Uninstall anything like clean master pro, greenify, adobe air, all widgets, etc. I then went in and blew away angry birds and other system heavy games. Once I did that (and turned off location services) I am probably back to 95% of where I was pre update.

    • Jan

      I’ve stopped using chrome on Android a long time ago, it’s slow, it’s crashing and rendering is terrible (especially different size font for what chrome things is more important and never gets right), that zoom windows when I clearly tap the only link around is also extremely frustrating. Opera is somewhat better performance wise.

  • Devondaisy

    For 2 years I have loved my Nexus 7 2012 until the latest update. Now it just freezes all the time and is so slow. I am about to give up on it. Totally useless now as it takes too long to respond.

  • Roni

    This seems to be a recurring problem with Android. It becomes useless after some time. I have a suspicious that they insert some code to make them useless, so we replace them often. That is the only reasonable explanation, but sometimes it is too obvious as in the nexus case. I am seriously considering abandoning Android.

  • bfg

    After upgrading from KitKat 4.4.4 to Lollipop 5.0.2 my Nexus 7 2012 became so frustrating to use. I came so close to scrapping it and moving away from Nexus tablets completely. I have dithered about trying to downgrade back to KitKat – read so many articles about how to do it – and today decided to go ahead as if it didn’t work I would still be less stressed than using a slooowwww Nexus Lollipop! Then came across This Nexus Root Tool did the downgrade automatically for me!!! Brilliant piece of software, even backed up my apps before wiping drive and re-installing 4.4.4. No I’m not connected to the program author – just so pleased it worked so smoothly!

  • Ddraig

    Nexus 16gb 2012, now a shiny coaster as its completely useless as a tablet constant crashes and freezes cache partition wipe didn’t help and so far no fix. Its disgustingly that Google feel they can treat they customers like this. The tablet was excellent before the upgrade, and as they didn’t test Lollipop on this model they should take responsibility.

  • Farr

    Upgraded to Lollipop 5.02 about 4 weeks ago and today finally turned my nexus into scrap. Will probably move to Apple after having put up with a slow, unresponsive and continually crashing android. I didn’t have the skills to revert to kit kat so had an expensive door wedge.

  • Duane

    Nexus7 16Gb working much better after I removed Facebook app.

    • Medusa

      Did the same on my Nexus 7. Only access Facebook now through opera browser. 100% improvement.

  • Vivek R

    My Nexus 7 2012 became very unresponsive after the Lollipop update. Took hours to clean the temp files and deleted many Aaps and it was a bit faster, but only for few hours. Using a single aap feels like using P1 PC 20 years ago, and multitasking is just dream that will make you snap and throw your device in the wall. This is the most frustrating experience with technology for me. Specially an Android device. I switched to Android from Symbian and Windows 5 years ago when I started college. Always been away from Apple but I might just treat myself with I pad this graduation. If Google does not respond to this issue quick and respectfully, there is no more respect for Google from me. Google has really disrespected their customers and and annoyed us. I feel Google is treating us like dumb users which we thought were only apple users.

  • Chris O

    I’ve got a Nexus 7 2012 that I have loved. It’s just been a great tablet…until this Lollipop update. Right after I installed it everything started running WAY slower…then slower and crashing. Last night I turned if off, then this morning I went to start it up. Nothing…no logo, just nothing. I’ve popped off the back and made sure things were connected properly. Tried holding down start and volume down…nothing. This was a perfectly running tablet until this update. Just what the hell is Google going to do about this???

    • bowskikorsitoff

      Switch off location as a previous reply said. My 2012 Nexus 7 is now fine

      • Chris O

        Sure, I would if I could start it. What I’m saying is that my Nexus is completely bricked. It’s like there isn’t even a battery in it. I’ve checked to make sure all the connections are good, I’ve tried holding down power and volume down, I’ve held the power button down for 30 seconds, then for 3 minutes. Nothing. It’s a dead unit, and it was perfectly fine until this update.

        • Sergio

          Any luck with this? I have the same thing happen to me on Thursday 2/19 … The tablet won’t boot, I’ve left it charging for several hours and nothing!

          • Chris O

            Nope, nothing. Last thing that I’m going to try is to pop the back off again, disconnect every connection that I can, then reconnecting everything. I’ve done that already with the battery, but no luck.

            • Sergio

              Please, let me know if you find a fix. It sucks that we were forced to install this update. There’s no way to make it go away permanently. Google shouldn’t never released it with so many performance issues. I’ll be calling the play store to see what they can do. (My guess will be nothing).

            • Sergio

              Open up your Nexus 7 (It’s very easy), get a sharp knife to pop the back a little bit, then slide the dull side to completely open it. Disconnect the battery from the board and connect it again. That did it for me. I’ve had to do it several times. There might be something loose inside. If it keeps happening, I might have to get a new battery. (Seems it’s the circuit attached to the battery that’s having the issue. All wires seem fine.
              Good Luck!

    • Michiel Koekkoek

      My Nexus7 2012 was also ruined after the update to lollipop. Tried a number of suggestions but nothing really helped. Decided to flash back to kitkat but tried a flash of the lollipop image first. Used the excellent description of Techno Bill to do that. My Nexus is now working as fast as before.

  • Angie

    Wow, so many horrible experiences with the update! Guess I was lucky. My 2012 N7 16GB works fine, but maybe I did the procedure differently than many folks did. With 4.4 my tablet was getting slower and I couldn’t solve the problem, so I did a complete factory reset. (go to Settings, Backup & Reset, Factory data reset) That wiped out all apps and settings, which may be the key to getting the update to work? Only then did I download and install 5.0.2. Now my sweet N7 runs fast and smooth and I’m slowly reinstalling only apps that I used a lot and know are stable.

  • Chico

    My tablet was unusable after the update, I recently removed FB, FB Messenger., Cloud Print and all updates in Chrome (where most of my problems occurred) and it is now functioning quite smoothly. Don’t know which did what but it now works, you should not have to do any of this of course.

  • Jack Purdy

    Ditto to everything posted here. Amazing that Google would be this screwed up as to unleash an update that renders the Nexus useless.

  • colin

    16gb 2012 machine. Keeps freezing/stating programming not responding/everything so slow esp if playing basic games/ constant need to reset with the standard long wait watching coloured dots race around in circles! WONT BUY ANOTHER NEXUS PRODUCT EVER!!!

  • Jeff Wellington

    2012 32GB model. Had same problems after updates to 5.02. After reading some of the posts here I uninstalled FB and FB messenger. This seems to have resolved the problems and tablet is running smoothly.

    • InYoFace

      A tablet that can’t run popular apps? Sounds charming. IPad will mini will fix your woes.

  • Brofog

    Where is the F*@#n Fix?

  • Viktor Gurevich

    After 2+ years of using Android on Nexus 7 it is likely time to quit. Can’t tolerate slowness any more. Hopefully Apple is better

    • InYoFace

      Go iPad mini it rocks my FAM owns 3

  • HIrvine

    Have the 32GB model. Upgraded and since then tablet will not start up. Boots to Google logo, then flickers and won’t go any further. Can see the backlight is on, but no image at all! Really frustrating as I use it for all my email and internet access!!!

    • Paul Callaghan

      Just a thought, have you prized the back off and reseated the battery connector? mine went wonky after a small drop and the clip has moved away from the terminals, I used a guitar pick to removed the back, worked for me but i have other issues since, :-(

  • esmiperro

    Since the update my nexus7 is virtually unusable. So fed up with the lagging ,crashing,and restarts. Used to be really fast, almost threw the dammed thing across the room. Time to change tablets I think.

    • InYoFace

      Go iPad mini it’s awesome trust me

    • Tweety

      I hate Google.

  • alice_in_blunderland82

    Have the 8gb model & can only use in ten-minute increments before it freezes and crashes. Has been an ongoing problem for months. Planning to contact the manufacturer for advice. Should not be this many ongoing issues for months with a device that’s two years old.

  • mike

    I have the 32gb 2012 Nexus. As everyone else, it was unusable after the lollipop update. I recently disabled the Google App app and seems to have helped quite a bit… I’m not generically referring to an android app, I mean Google App. Go to Settings>Apps (under Device section)>swipe over twice to the ALL listing>select Google App>Disable. It might not be the solution for everyone but it helped mine significantly. This disables Google’s native “assistant” for a lack of a better description.

  • nick f

    I can’t believe that this has happened to so many Nexus 7 users. After my Lollipop upgrade, my tablet slowed down, kept crashing and became generally unresponsive. This was especially noticeable when using Chrome. But now it has just bricked completely and won’t even turn on. Not even with all the Power + Vol Down key press etc. Perhaps someone on here can tell me who to contact in the UK for assistance?

    • Tweety

      And Google accepts no responsibility. Disgusting.

  • Lily1

    Mine is completely wrecked. It’s stuck on the rotating balls and won’t reboot or recover. After checking on many other forums it seems that neither Google nor Asus will take responsibility so it looks like this update has killed my tablet with no prospect of a solution anywhere. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting ideas I’ve found but can’t even do a manual reset as my PC won’t recognise the Nexus, so looks like I’m right up the creek here. Come on Google help us all out here. My Nexus may be a 2012 edition but has rarely been used and at the price paid this is a complete waste of money. I definitely will NOT be buying any of these products again.

  • Azman Ibrahim

    i really love this tablet but i also having the same problem. Its keep freezing from time to times.

  • Mark

    Should start a class action suit against Google and Asus

  • the loft

    How do we contact Google and telll them to fix this software. Why release it when it is obviously faulty. Is there a way to get back to KitKat 4.4 ? If so please put it on here

    • Tweety

      1 (650) 253-0000 Good luck but don’t get your hopes up. Their customer service is not helpful and arrogant.

  • Tweety

    Google is the most arrogant and obnoxious organization I have ever dealt with. Because of the lollipop update my Nexus 7 2012 tablet no longer works. Despite this Google accepts no responsibility or offers to remedy the situation without trying to charge you or to blame Asus. 67 billion in revenue in 2014 yet they are cowards when it comes to taking responsibility. I spoke with Arturo from Google 1 (650) 253-0000. A real sweet talker but he did nothing to help me. I will never purchase a Google product again or buy anything from the Google Play Store. I’m off to Apple. Besides taking responsibility for their actions Google needs to hire some competent engineers and forget about this love in they have going with themselves in Silicon Valley. Their legal department can be reached by I would welcome the opportunity to be part of a class action law suit against Google. It would be fun.

  • Doug

    I have a 32 GB nexus and, although I hate to lose $200, I am ready to take this thing to the rifle range and check my aim on a 7 in target at 200 yards.

  • Mr Funston

    Yeah, the sh#tpop update has messed my tablet up. What with the USB port failing to charge and now this, its bye bye google.

  • Jeremy Russell

    my nexus 7 is now totally bricked after trying the workarounds, I think you may as well just forget any help from google, start an international collection/return centre for all the faulty machines and dump them at googles doorstep, not forgetting to remove your personal information, (almost impossable) Let them recycle them in the correct manner, delete your account with google, and change platform!!! Just dont give google anymore money!!

  • HermitLion

    I waited patiently for Lollipop 5.1, desperately hoping that it would return my Nexus 7 (2012) to working condition.
    Nope. After running fine for a while, it always starts getting stuck. You have to furiously tap at the screen, getting no response at all from the device.

    The thing cost me over $400 (I don’t live in the US) and for about two months it’s been just a source of frustration. I’d have no choice but to look into a custom ROM that ACTUALLY WORKS.

    This is not acceptable customer treatment on the part of Google, as far as I’m concerned.

  • Frustrated User

    in the middle of setting up the pattern security lock once again (after thinking that maybe it is the security setting that is causing the problems), my Nexus 7 (2012) froze once again for the nth time…and now I can’t access my device because I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PATTERN IT MANAGED TO RECORD WHILE FREEZING

  • AJ

    my Nexus 7 (2012) completely hard bricked. I had flashed it with Lollipop factory image some weeks ago. After that it became so slow that it was almost unusable. Then it has updated over OTA at least once. No improvement. Wiping the cache has fixed the situation temporarily. I was going to do that yesterday after had completely frozen. Turned off the device, one flash of the white “google” text and then silence. Now it isn’t even recognized by USB when connected to a computer (have tried both Linux and Windows). Just stone-dead. Thanks Google!

    • Paul Cooper

      Try the Wug’s Toolkit. My 2012 bricked with USB debugging turned off. Took a couple tries, but I got it back. 5.xx is a “bullet to the brain” for the 2012. 4.4.4 is the last safe o/s. Impressed that Google wants to keep us updated, disgusted that they did virtually no testing for 2012 users prior to update release.

  • erudolph

    I too have the Nexus 7 2012 and had been suffering terribly after stupidly updating to 5.0.2 then 5.1. I finally came to the conclusion that any future Android releases will simply be too for the relatively limited hardware that is this version of the tablet. I got some well need relief by returning my unit to the original KitKat and I will happily stay there until I opt to get a another tablet.

    For those who may be unfamiliar with Google’s philosophy, they operate under the premise that any hardware they sell is strictly limited to a specific time frame and then is expected to be discarded or used with limited expectation of performance. They do this in the enterprise with their GSA devices with used to have 2-year forced upgrade or no service requirements.

    I know it is painful as a consumer because to many people, this is not a trivial matter nor is it chump change. But the realities are that unlike laptops and desktops, these devices cannot be made to keep up with advances in software for a very long period of time. They simply do not have the capacities or processing power to last more than 2-3 years with the same performance. Once you come to that realization and expectation, the world will seem a little sunnier for you. :-)

  • Carrie

    I am I the only who’s Nexus 7 still runs fine? It still runs Gangster Vegas fine and I only find it slightly slower then usual but that may be due to it not having much storage left. The only reason that I’ve now upgraded to a Nexus 9 is because the screen on my 7 is now cracked all the way down to the digitizer.

  • Rob Vitek

    My Nexus 7 Asus is toast. Ever since the update it slow etc. I have tried the recommednations I find on line to get it back to life but its still terrible. Thanks Google for breaking my tablet. I use to run on a full charge for days not im lucky to get 8 hours. what the fix?

    • Sandra Boyer

      I followed a YouTube post and reinstalled 4.4.4. It isn’t hard to do. I ignore the lollipop update that is pushed to my table. Give it a try because I know Nexus 7 2012 is useless with lollipop.

  • Paul Cooper

    I have done a lot of work on the 2012s. Every part can be replaced, with patience. Screens are about $80 from Asus (China) and about a week to get. Charger port is about $13 on Amazon. The Asus “pogo pin” charging dock is safer for charging as you can’t mess up the charging port. Wug’s Toolkit is a tool that allows you to flash any Android version from the original release to the current version.The toolkit can force feed the o/s to a “dead/bricked” machine.

  • John

    It’s early innings, but I did the reset and went very minimalist on the things I put on it when I re-loaded it: no personalized wallpaper, no apps that I don’t absolutely need, fewer books and videos in storage. Seems to be faster now. Will update as get more experience.

  • John

    John here again. Have been playing with it for a full hour, adding back stuff including my favorite photo wallpaper. So far it is as fast as when I had kitkat on it. Very happy! Reset worked well for me. Have not replaced about 50 infrequently used apps and no doubt got rid of a lot of junk, viruses, whatever that had accumulated since late 2012 when I bought it.

  • John

    John again. It’s the next day here and I have added back in my big book collection and a few more apps. Everything still running well. I consider this a problem solved. Phew.

  • Jon

    I loved my 32GB 2012 so much that I bought my daughter one also. Neither one works properly anymore. My daughter gave up on hers and mine is a constant source of frustration. It makes me hate Google and Asus more every time I try to turn it on.

  • Jeffrey T Johnson

    Lollipop sucks runs show freezing and locking up. Last time it worked right was when it had kit Kat. Now about it’s good for is a paper wait.

  • Cibouwat Horsifomidom

    Planned obsolescence (which this is, without a doubt) is EVIL.

    Google has done EVIL and will continue to do EVIL.

  • Cibouwat Horsifomidom

    Google Ethics isn’t responding.

    Do you want to boycott Google? OK

    • Jim Raymond

      Google has ruined many if not hundreds of thousands of tablets with their updates, lets all go national, media, i am in,

    • Victor


  • Ryan Phillips

    I’ve got two from 2012, both 32gigs, but both slow. laggy, barely usable after the update. I’m about to roll them both back to the original operating system that I know works, otherwise I may as well chuck them..

  • Jim Raymond

    I strongly suggest everyone stick together and being suit,

  • Jim Raymond

    OH ! it has actually caused me to have severe health problems, night mares, upset enough to throw up, loose my business, lost business contacts, Yes we all should march on Google headquarters and picket at front gates, Google has left many account users doubting their integrity , service, trust, The ” New World Order is here ” hostile takeover, misleading, misrepresentation, fraudulent activity, Oh well we didn’t have these problems until some idiot engineer produced something bad very bad, Come on Google Make it right, show your true colors,

    • Victor

      I’m with you. Very upset with them right now. wont purchase another Nexus, ever.

  • Victor

    Last night, I was watching Netflix and the show locked up. The screen was still on but the tablet was totally unresponsive. Somehow, after pressing buttons in all sorts of combo, I got it to shut down. Problem now is, it wont turn back on. I tried the power+up/down volume combo with no help. Any ideas??? Is there any way to break open the case and disconnect the bat? Thanks.

  • Victor

    Well, I was able to remove the back cover and remove the bat. Left the bat off for an hour. still not turning on! How about a class-action suit against Google? They are forcing us to purchase a new one, just like when Apple did this to their early versions of iPhones. The government sued and they had to pay large fines. This was a gift from my two boys four years ago and I always loved it. My next one will definitely not be from Google!

  • Nilgün Güney

    Guess I don’t need to give any more details… just that it is the same thing here. Mine still starts up until now but whatever I want to do, after 2 or 3 steps it freezes and I have to reboot… I tried to remove some of the apps to see if that makes any difference but none at all and it is hard work too, rebooting, removing 2 apps, rebooting again… You get the picture, I suppose. I have the 32 GB version.

    I haven’t read all the comments but I wonder if going back to factory settings would help… it is hell to get back the apps I had added but as it is now it’s just no use to me at all – so guess I may try that.

    Good luck to us all, Ie say… ;-)

  • Dave Rutherford

    Hi, since an android update my nexus 7 will not load! i can’t get the thing to start up! all i have is the ‘google’ logo! please help

    • Victor

      In your case, you may be able to use a laptop to wipe out the op system and reload. I’ve seen folks on the net doing this…. keep searching.

  • Nilgün Güney

    Hi again, folks,

    Some good news for those of you who can still access their Nexus7 but have it freezing on them..

    As I wrote yesterday that I would try, I took mine back to factory settings (in settings).

    > I let it remove really everything
    > No using the backup feature to set everything back as that would just put back all the problems
    > Lollypop remains on the tablet (5.1.1 in my case) but there is only half of the apps that you cannot remove, which is already a step forward
    >Then, you really start from scratch creating your account as if you had just bought a new tablet and start looking for the apps you want.

    > If you have paid for apps, make sure you have the activation code or you might have to pay again. I’m not sure…
    > If you have documents and stuff you don’t want to lose, you would have to transfer them to an external source (PC, laptop, other tablet)
    > If you are just a normal user with not much of an idea how it works, ask someone more savvy in the matter to help you or do it for you. I cannot be held responsible if things do not work out as expected, I am afraid. It does take some patience and time to reconfigure everything… It worked for me but it may not work each time… and I am not so sure about the ‘lighter’ versions…

    > I had an animated background before… I settled down for just a color this time.
    > Not too many widgets either and no bunch of apps if you can do the same thing with one. I used to have a whole library of photo apps – in the beginning just for trying out and then I never removed them… takes up place and tends to run in the background…

    I know, it takes the fun out of it that you have to tred carefully – but I am still glad mine is working normally again.

    From all this, some may have guessed that it seems to me a problem of the working memory (RAM on computers – don’t know how it is called on a tablet ;-) ). I still had enough space left (25GB) but had the same problems of freezing – which does point in the direction of RAM, really.

    It is also a good idea to clear the cache regularly and close all the apps that are running in the background (tap on the little square box at the bottom to see them) – or get an app to do it for you ;-)

    Maybe Lollypop should never have been made available for Nexus7?. At least not without a reset first to clear all the trash out? :-/

    I am sorry that this will not apply for those who cannot access their Nexus at all… :-(

    And I do hope it may be a bit of a help for some among you…


    • Mike

      I can confirm that after much experimentation and reseach, the above advce is correct.

      To summarize: to improve the performance post-lollipop,

      -do a factory reset, load back only what you need, use the least intensive settings like no transition animations or fancy wallpaer (you may need to switch on Developer Options to get at all animation settings)

      -leave Location off

      -avoid widgets and other processes that run in the background

      -leave storage space – like at least 25%

      ..and one more thing – restart every day or 2. Dunno why but it helps

      Good luck

      • Nilgün Güney

        Thanks for the confirmation, Mike :-)

        Restarting does the same as on a computer, clear the RAM memory – that’s why it helps… ;-)

  • Chudsmania

    Mine was a piece of junk. Until i deleted facebook and messenger. Its now nice and fast again.

    • JennyDahlBakken

      Then what’s the point of it? :P Nah, just kidding, might actually do that. Prefer using my phone for Facebook anyways, and my tablet for e-books and Netflix.

      • Chudsmania

        I agree with you. But at least now my tablet is free for everything else , which is better than being a useless brick which it was before deleting the Facebook and messenger apps. Let me know if it works for you. Of course you can always log in to Facebook via a browser if need be.

    • John Drayton C. Fule

      Removing Facebook + Messenger did the trick. Thank you Chudsmania.

      • Chudsmania

        My pleasure dude.

    • Twist

      Thx for the tip, I might try this, cause my Nexus performance is poor as well with lollipop update

    • IcarusFlies

      I removed facebook some time ago solved problem for a while… sluggish again. When you say delete messenger also….but what is messenger? Cannot find in apps.

      • Chudsmania

        Messenger is facebooks stand alone sister app.

        • IcarusFlies

          Thanks for the reply….I didn’t download that one.

    • Dylan

      Yea for some reason Facebook is too much for my shitty little nexus tablet. Uninstalled and we are all good now. Can’t really complain tho, it was $99 and is 3 + years old.

  • Jorge Vitorino

    Mine is sooooo slow and laggy that i’m thinking to downgrade it to KK 4.4.4.
    Mine is the 32GB, and running lollipop 5.1
    What should i do?

  • Don Wise

    Can’t get email to work on my Nexus 7 with Lollipop. Just sits there synching forever. And when I swipe the screen to wake up the device, it goes straight to the camera, and I have to close the camera app to use the device.

  • Joe D.

    I hadn’t used my Nexus in a long time, it had a few updates to install. Each one seemed to make it worse and worse. Finally it got so bad I realized there was nothing to lose. I went and did the factory reset. I did let it restore everything from backp figuring if that didn’t work I could always reset it again. Luckily that wasn’t necessary- the tablet is fast and good again. The only thing I have lost was the atuo-awake function when I open my case (and auto-sleep when I close it.) I can’t be 100% sure it was the update, maybe it just broke from a year of un-use. Otherwise it’s like new again.

  • Graham Jones

    Same here! I’ve tried several suggested tweaks; some helped, but now the device has the charming feature of turning itself off during an overnight charge. Seems like the turn-on reboot is taking a long, long time. This sucker is much worse than the worst ever Windows version . Sure makes me NOT want to do business with Google to the extent possible. My next tablet will be a Windows 10 version. Android on my phone is pretty good — that may be where is belongs!

  • Frank Oldman

    I have the 32Gb version. After enough nag screens, I allowed the installation of the 5.0.2 upgrade. I cannot recall any upgrade ever disabling the device for that long. Must have been ten minutes. I can’t say I fully like the “upgrade”…doing two swipes instead of one to get to things like WiFi on/off and location is less convenient.

    Anyway, it sure is slow. So slow that I can pretty much guarantee that no matter what app I’m trying, I’ll end up wondering if it’s hung or should I wait. Seems like about 1/4 of the time, if I wait, it ends up crashing, gently…the app simply disappears with no error message.

    I’m not close to filling the memory – I’m using only 7G of the 32G.

    I cleared the cache, no change in performance.

    Hardware companies (I have worked in them for decades), make a conscious decision about which legacy platforms they plan to continue to support. If Google would come forward and tell us that they no longer plan to test compatibility on the Nexus 7 2012, I’d accept that position. It’s the not knowing that bespeaks of inadequate customer support.

  • David Andrews

    I have had the same experience with my nexus 7 after the upgrade. tried every thing recommended but no improvement, SO I down graded (which you can now do) to version 4.4.4 and the performance is back to normal, I shall not be upgrading to version 5 until they have sorted all the bugs out..TRY IT.

  • Mary Lancaster

    I have a 16 GB and my husband hasan 8 GB and after we installed the update our Nexus 7 2012 tablets don’t connect to wifi. We have tried forgetting network, we have tried unplugging the modem for 5 minutes and re plugged it in I have even gone as far as doing a factory reset. NOTHING HAS WORKED! HATE TO SAY IT BUT I MIGHT HAVE TO SCRAP OUR TABLETS AND GO WITH ONE FROM THE COMPETITION!! WE PAID OVER $400 FOR BOTH WHEN WE GOT THEM. unless someone out there has a solution to this. Let me know.

  • Tim Wastir

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    • Dominick Hann

      and obviously you value your life even more worthless by using your time to write that huge paragraph. either that or you hate people with curiosity.

    • Al Beat You

      Hey “Timmy Wast…er”….

    • Paul Callaghan

      If I enjoy wating time, is it still time wasted ? ……another pointless comment!


      But what about your TABLET, TiM….?


      i want to be like you TiM, when i grow up…

    • John Cheves

      What kind of a miserable POS has nothing better to do than type so much useless crap, just to be a pr***? I’d suggest getting a life, but that won’t happen. The pompous little creep should get some help instead.

  • Caroline Mills

    There has been some very helpful advice on this forum, thank you to the users who have a better sense of being helpful than Google. My tablet takes about 6-8 minutes to load Kindle, and up to 20 minutes to load Outlook…and they call this progress!

  • lorraine

    haven’t used my Nexus 9.7 tablet for a year charged OK but cannot get any apps i.e. google etc and cant find factory settings

  • Danielle

    Nexus 7 (2012) 16gb. Downloaded the most recent lollipop update, system was very slow so I turned it off. I’ve tried turning it back on and it’s completely unresponsive, even when trying to soft reset or default reset. Tried letting the tablet die and then charging it, no response, not even a charge symbol. Is it junk now?

  • SH

    16 gb running 5.1.1. used to be quite slow but in the process of rooting I had to flash a stock rom using WugFresh’s toolkit. Now running almost as good as the day I got it. (may have been to do with root)

    • Ionut Dobrinescu

      This it to confirm that this remedy works.

  • OhKen

    2012 Nexus 7, 8gb. Ran fine until Lollipop, then started hanging/freezing/shutting down. I tried all the standard suggestions and then, during yet another attempt to default it, suddenly all it would do was boot to the Android bug. Eventually I just put it on the shelf. Cut to several months later when just for the hell of it I pulled it off the shelf, plugged it in, and powered it on… and it booted to the tablet desktop. I quickly set it to developer mode and flashed it to Android 4.4.4 and it worked fine… for about a week. Then it started hanging/freezing/shutting down… So now I know more about using the Nexus Root Toolkit than I ever wanted to, and now it won’t even stay usable long enough to re-flash it again. Just locks up and even the toolkit won’t recognize it. I’m going to put it back on the shelf for a couple of months and see what happens…

  • NasTeaMan

    2012 Nexus 7, 32 GB. I skipped 5.0 and went straight into 5.02. Tablet worked fine, but slower. As time went by, and “updates” kept getting pushed to it, it got worse. Did a clean install of 5.11, the tablet ran fine for a couple of weeks, but once again started slowing down and becoming less and less responsive. I came to the conclusion Lollipop is like cancer to older hardware. So I wiped the device, then flashed Cyanogen Mod 10.2.1 (based on JellyBean 4.3) and Gaaps -jb-20130813.
    My Nexus 7 is again snappy and runs all my apps wonderfully. As a bonus I got rid of some of the unwanted Google apps that bloat Lollipop and only installed what I really use via the Play Store. If you want the tablet to perform even better and are willing to take a hit on battery life, you can use TWRP recovery to install bricked_grouper 20130917 custom kernel. It has optimizations that work great with Nexus 7 on Jellybean and allows you to choose to overclock the GPU and the CPU at the time of installation. I’m getting 15% higher scores on Antutu 3DRating and 10% higher scores on Antutu 5.7.1 benchmark. Of course, your mileage may vary and anything you do to your tablet you do at your own risk, even flashing a stock rom can lead to dead hardware, so I would suggest only messing with it if you have nothing to lose.

  • Screenwhizard

    I thought I was alone in my Nexus 7 hell after I “upgraded” to Lollipop. I want to get rid of Lollipop and downgrade to whatever version used to work. But I am not a geekhead! Can someone tell me how to do this in plain English? Can a humanities major like me manage it??

  • Alex Nix

    Omg Its so anoying! I have the 2012 32g. Nexus 7 and ever since me and my sis updated to 5.11 our tablets dont work. Mine does spastic reactions especially opening random things while im trying to get to a certain app. Plz help!!

  • kja

    Mine is practically unusable. It takes so long to even start up I usually just give up and use my phone. I would like to be able to use it for storing music and to read books, but have gone to using my new phone – I hope future updates for it don’t ruin it also. I don’t know offhand how much storage it has – it will probably take me a few hours to find out!

  • Pyltry

    Lol. No disrespect, but are you all on valium or something? Google renders your REFERENCE pad – not some shitty no-name pad – unusable with an update and you are having a relaxed cosy discussion about it?

    I expected to se FURY, RAGE, ENDLESS RANTS and pretty much HATE on the internets when I realized that the thing that happened to my Nexus 7 is a known update fkup.

    Thank’s google, will never forget this, and I promise to spread this information to people when ever I get the chance. P****s

  • kaflatoon

    I have a Nexus 7 (2012) 16 GB and it’s totally fucked up after the update. The problems are exactly the same that everyone who commented below is facing.

    Sluggish, takes ages to start up, taps take 10-30 seconds to register so random apps open up, apps become unresponsive as if that’s a flagship feature and the tablet restarts if you as much as whisper of a request to open something on internet. The battery life has gone down drastically. It’s completely useless for me in its current state.

    I see that it craps out really badly whenever it’s connected to the internet (through wifi, mine is wifi only model).

  • Bogdan Diaconu

    i have nexus 7 2012 32gb and gsm version. i had the same issue, my device worked like crap with 5.0 and 5.1 untill i downgraded to 4.4.4 KitKat. it works normally now. i storngly recommend this.