• Nautical Nate

    Huh. That’s interesting. Mine doesn’t have anything like that.

  • Tiago Miranda

    The question is whether this has an impact on the phones structure itself. A minor crack on the bottom where the plastic is is a small negative, especially when this phone has so many positives… Yet, its battery is also bringing it from being such a godly phone. :(

  • lawyer who sues

    Yep and it spreads to screen too…lucky hasn’t messed with the touch component yet and has stayed local to that area, But very glad to hear this wasn’t my fault somehow.

  • disqus_NCI7lcmUAh

    Is the crack somehow related to heat generated QI charging causing the “frame” and other plastic to become brittle and crack?

  • Mark Drummond

    I have kept my LG G3 inside a case, a Unicorn Beetle, from day 3 and I see no signs of a crack. I have felt the phone heat up from time to time. I will keep an eye out for any cracks in the future.

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