LG G Watch charging contacts wearing away for some users


Across the internet, there are reports that the LG G Watch is experiencing some wear and tear breakdown at an accelerated rate. The charging contacts on the underside of the co-inaugural Android Wear device are apparently corroding and thus the charging cradle is rendered useless. Users have scraped away some corrosion in order to get the charging cradle to work once again. Some users have even experienced skin irritation, but LG is claiming that no allergy-causing materials are used with the G Watch.

Are you experiencing this issue with your G Watch?

Source: Reddit
Via: 9to5Google

  • angus1357

    I did for the first time this last weekend. I had to clean the contacts in order for the charger to work.

  • smartwatch lover

    Yes I did but I thought it was cause I was weeding while wearing the watch. Cleaned it and it charges again.