Samsung releases official statement regarding deforming back covers on Galaxy Tab S tablets

overheat back

Just a few days ago, we let you know about an overheating problem in Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S tablets. The overheating was causing a deformation on the rear cover of the device.

Now, Samsung has released an official statement on the problem. Hit the break for the official word.

Apparently, the deformation is only occuring on a limited amount of defective back covers. The statement also says it has nothing to do with the processor or material used for the back cover. (Of course this begs the question, then what the heck is causing the problem?) Check out the official statement below.

Contrary to certain media reports, the slight disfiguration that has formed on the rear surface of the Galaxy Tab S has been attributed to a limited number of defective back covers, which has no relation to the overheating of the application processor or the material used for the back cover. We would like to assure our customers that we have already resolved the issue. We ask affected customers to please contact their nearest Samsung Electronics customer service center.

Source: SamMobile

  • Robert


    • Marko6

      Not everything has to be riveting… Some people who have the device and experienced the problem definitely want to know what the deal is…

  • wekebu

    Really believe this is a non-issue. Go to xda forum or Android Central’s forum. Non-issue.