Google expected to unveil Android for your car at I/O dev conference next week

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Android coming to your car’s dashboard was inevitable.

The plans have been pretty much laid out already, and the market is definitely clamoring for it. Apple is even releasing CarPlay to rival the upcoming system from Google.

As of now, it’s going by the name of “Auto Link OS,” (possibly a developmental-stage name — we say this because it doesn’t sound as pretty as “CarPlay”) and Google will be unveiling it at its I/O developers conference in San Francisco next week.

Working alongside carmakers including Audi, GM, Honda, Mercedes and Hyundai, Android in the car will be here by the end of 2014.

But unlike CarPlay, Auto Link OS is expected to not be an “embedded OS” — rather, it will be a “projected system,” in which users will be able to interact and control their Android devices straight from the car’s screens/controls.

What this means, is that you’ll have seamless integration. Any car app you have on your phone will be available in your car. And if you switch drivers? You’ll just have to switch the mobile device you’re projecting to the car’s system . This also means that the car’s system won’t have to rely on updates from the car’s manufacturer or Google. Once you get the newest version of Android (or an app, for that matter,) it will simply project to the car’s system as it is on your device.

Now of course you shouldn’t expect the same interface that’s on your phone to appear on your car’s screen. That wouldn’t be too special, would it? We’ll probably see a “hub” of sorts which makes your driving/directions/music/phone app more accessible from the driver’s seat.

While it’s not as heavy (and embedded) as a system as CarPlay, this may be exactly what consumers are looking for.

Via: Android Authority
Source: Motor Authority 

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  • On the curve

    Hope they have something for us foot soldiers at I/O too. A easy link to the car hub, so I can see when my lift is coming? That would be nice, though.

  • bozzykid

    I thought CarPlay basically did the same. It doesn’t seem to be an embedded iOS but an embedded system than can load iOS from the phone. It seems similar to Google’s offering where they aren’t replacing the normal UI from the car’s OS.