Microsoft Office Touch will likely be released on Android before Windows 8

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Microsoft release a touch-friendly version of Office apps (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) to iOS devices earlier this year, while making the bundled Office Suite a free download for Android users. There have been rumors floating around about when Microsoft would finally break down and release their office apps on another platform, especially on the Android side of the fence, but after the earlier announcement Android users were still left wondering when or if it would ever happen.

The newest rumors point towards something pretty odd, though. Microsoft may actually release touch-friendly versions of their office apps for Android before they see a launch on Windows 8 devices. Windows already has Microsoft Office, but it’s the traditional Office that’s built for a mouse and keyboard, so the experience isn’t quite what it could be. You’d think that Microsoft would spend some extra time and money prioritizing their own platforms, but apparently the thought of Android massive market share (and the potential revenue that offers) has decided which way they’re going to go.

These rumors say an Android version of those Office apps, built specifically for touch screens, will be released late 2014. The Windows 8 release? That’s pegged for a Spring 2015 release. We’re still only halfway through the year, so that could change between now and then, but Microsoft seems like they know where the money’s at.

source: ZDNet

via: Android Central

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