Gorilla Glass on Samsung Galaxy Tab withstands point blank shooting

One of the nicest physical features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the Gorilla Glass screen, making the device scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant. Sound too good to be true? Check out the YouTube video above posted by the user metafonic.


In this video, the user tests the Gorilla Glass of the Galaxy Tab in a rather extreme way; using a CO2 gas-powered pistol, he fires a few rounds at the Galaxy Tab’s screen at close range. Afterwards, one can see that no damage has been done to the display! Amazing, huh?

If you’re doubting the power of the gun used in this stress test, hit the break to see a video displaying the same gun’s power.


[via youtube]

  • rm

    you can see 3 marks on the lower left corner… he shows the top 1/2 but you can clearly see 3 bb marks on the lower portion of the screen…..

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Noah-Gray/100001215552861 Noah Gray

      I think those are air bubbles under the plastic cover.

  • Leo

    I’ve had one of these CO2 BB guns when I was a teenager and as the CO2 abandons the capsule the last shots are softer and more innacurate… I wonder how recent was the charge on the gun.
    Each CO2 bottle lasted for 50 to 60 shots the first 10 were deadly, then you have 20 to 30 decent shots, and afterwards everything goes downward to the point where you can shot fruits and not make more than superficial harm.

  • gkpm

    On the second video where he’s breaking the glass you can clearly see the cloud of “smoke” from the pressurized CO2 coming out of the barrel. No such thing on the video where he shoots the Gorilla glass.

    Not trusting this videos that much..

  • ToddlerMom

    My 3 yr old just dropped the GalaxyTab 2 feet onto the floor and the Gorilla glass shattered. Not impressed. It landed flat on the face on a rug over tile. Sure, shoot it with guns but don’t drop it! :(

    • Bmumba

      why the hell would you ever let some kid use your expensive toys?