Google leaks new Dialer screenshot via Twitter


It appears that Google may have inadvertently leaked a screenshot of an updated Dialer application. The official Nexus twitter account posted a screenshot in response to a user’s question asking how to access a call’s duration.

Pictured above, the new look for the dialer application is on the left while the current version is on the right. While this may be an extremely subtle change, it is just the latest in Google’s push to add color to its stock applications.

Just over a week ago, we got a supposed leak indicating that Google was also adding a splash of color to its calendar application. Along the same lines, we got another leak indicating that in addition to other features, Google will be adding more color to the latest version of Gmail for Android. In terms of concrete evidence that Google is looking to add more color, the latest version of Google Keep added an additional yellow bar to the application’s navigation.

All of these applications are much easier to update than the Dialer because they are all in the Google Play Store. As of now, Google’s Dialer application is not available in the Play Store. Perhaps the company will be following the path of the Camera application by adding the Dialer to the Play Store as well?

source: @googlenexus


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  • Tyler Shaw

    I would love to see Googles Dialer make it to the Play Store. The TouchWiz Dialer is horrid.