Firefox 4 beta for mobile gets an upgrade, improves performance

Mozilla has announced the release of the latest version of the Firefox 4 beta for mobile, which brings some significant improvements to both speed and usability. Some of the enhancements in this version include:

  • Reduced memory usage
  • Improved text rendering
  • 60% install size reduction on Android (from around 43 MB to 17 MB)

Some additional changes include a sleeker theme, smoother actions like panning and zooming, and the ability to easily share links with your friends from the site menu. They also claim that this latest release is 25% faster SunSpider Javascript benchmark than the stock Android browser.

There are still enhancements the team is planning on making, such as the addition of HTML5 video support, and greater speed increases and memory saving features. You can grab the latest version of the Firefox 4 beta here, and check out the release notes here. Also, note that you will have to uninstall the previous version of the beta to see the reduction in the app size.

[via Mozilla Blog]