Nvidia Tegra to concentrate on ‘superphones’


According the Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia is not interested in normal smartphones and will instead focus their Tegra¬†efforts on tablets and what is being dubbed “superphones”. Nvidia is mainly interested in devices that can take full advantage of the Tegra’s graphics capabilities such as gaming systems. Nvidia is also very interested in cars in which a demand for visual components are growing.

Nvidia briefly entered the budget smartphone market with their Tegra 3, which was in a number of devices from companies like HTC, Lenovo and Motorola. The chip that came after the Tegra 3, the Tegra 4, was a disappointing product, and hence Nvidia lost their hold on the market.

Nvidia is no longer willing to compete in the budget market with companies like MediaTek taking the lead. They’re also unwilling to compete in markets with single or dual core chips because the company can’t afford lower returns.

The revenue from the Tegra in the 4th quarter was $131 million, down 37 percent. Despite this, the company expects the Tegra 4i and K1 to be much more successful.

Source: PC World

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  • haxornator

    Derp. They lost their market starting with the tegra2 which were still waiting for the source code on the Atrix for. Linus said it best. Fuck you Nvidia

    • Abram Carroll

      Tegra 4 is the fastest SOC out.

      AMD doesn’t support Linux.