Another photo of the HTC M8 leaks, now with less bezel


Yesterday we saw a photo leak of the supposed new generation HTC One. It looked like an elongated HTC One with onscreen buttons. The only issue with the leaked photo is that it shows a design not fit for the One successor. Not only were there thicker bezels, but there was a waste of space in a black bar that housed nothing more than an HTC logo.

Folks across the internet complained, and someone listened. Today we see a leaked photo showing a similar device but with a thinner bezel and no black bar. We can also see that the app tray and notification bars are transparent, giving it a more KitKat feel. Other than that it looks to be very much an HTC phone with on screen buttons.

We have no way of knowing for certain which leak is real or if any of them are. As we edge closer to an official announcements these leaks that are trickling out now will start to flood. Here’s hoping that as that happens we start to see a consensus in leaked photos.

source: HK-Android
via: PocketNow

About the Author: Jack Holt

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  • 84guy

    Much much better!

    • justafew

      Couldn’t agree more. If this is the true device, then I’m back on board. Was really worried about the most recent “leaks” with the huge bezel and HTC logo remaining.

  • wiezewee

    Now this is how it’s supposed to look. Much thinner bezels, no “Logo Bar” hope they go this direction.

  • PhilRykyto

    Looks great now copy this design HTC & make the new HTC One Max 2

    Lose the bezel & add on-screen buttons bump it from 5.9″ to an even 6″ while cutting down on the footprint

  • Matt Phillips

    That logo being there or not is going to be my deciding factor, just would be disappointed looking at the dam logo everyday when I could be looking at a Perfect design like this one!