Nokia’s Normandy Shows Up Without Protective Shell


Yesterday we saw a leak of Nokia’s fabled Android phone, the Normandy, showing off the device in a protective cover. Today we see the device naked and in full view. While a previous rumor showed off a blurred out, possibly forked, version of Android, today’s photo shows off the menu in all its glory. From what we can see, it’s a definite far cry from the Android we’ve come to know and love. As Nokia is now apart of Microsoft that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The phone has the one “back” capacitive button and will most likely be based on KitKat.

Given the amount of steam the Normandy seems to be picking up, we should hear an announcement of some kind some time soon. With all the leaks coming out, it appears that the phone is in its semi-final form. I ask this of you, the reader, though. Is this the Android Nokia phone you’ve been waiting for, or is this a let down to what you were expecting? Let us know in the comments below.

source: GforGames
via: Weibo

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    Dual SIM is kind of the sign of clone from China.