Google releases Google+ Auto-Backup for desktops


Google’s Auto-Backup solution for photos is a great way to keep your stuff backed up on your phone or tablet. Apparently, Google thinks the feature was pretty nice, too, so they’re finally bringing the option to the desktop through Picasa. Now whenever you install Picasa on your laptop or desktop, you can also install a Google+ Aut0-Backup add-on that will let you select certain folders to keep backed up, just like on a smartphone or tablet. It actually works pretty similarly to Google’s Music Manager app.

If you store a lot of pictures from digital cameras or download them from Facebook, this can be a pretty handy tool to keep everything backed up in one place. It’s good to see Google not completely ignore desktop and laptop users despite the market going increasingly mobile.

source: Google Systems

  • Collin

    Right, because 5gb is PLENTY of space for photos and videos.

    • TechWings

      You can always buy more. Ingrate.

    • Bazar6

      Let Google resize the pic (max of 2048px at the longest edge, I think) and your photos won’t count against your storage. it’s the “standard” option in the Settings of the Photos app. If you leave it at “Full Size” then it does eat away at your storage limits.

    • bitanga

      Video doesn’t use space, just like on youtube.

  • Dave

    Can’t go wrong or complain when it’s free.

    • sirald66

      When it installs without permission or notification. Strike one.

      When it installs to your phone and uploads your private photos with permission. Strike three.

    • cjvaans03

      It’s no excuse to step in and silently install a program in my computer without permission. They don’t own my computer. This is an insult to people’s privacy.

  • Abel Braaksma

    Apparently, Google+ Auto Backup gets silently installed without informing the user, which happened to me today, when I saw it appearing in my start menu in Windows. I don’t think it is good practice of Google, or any company, to install new software without user permission, regardless whether the tool is good or bad. The least they could’ve done was showing the option to opt-in before installing it.

    I’m not yet sure whether I should keep it, as it is unclear what it does, where it backups to (to some cloud?), whether it requires configuration/maintenance etc.

  • Seen You

    This was installed on my PC without my consent!!!!

    This is crap google. I will stop using your services if this nonsense continues

  • Beanbag

    I still can’t believe Google installed this on my PC without my express permission. I don’t use Google+ and I never will. It’s junk and Facebook is bad enough. The more and more Google act “evil”, the more I think about dumping them and moving elsewhere.

    Thanks to their recent spat with Apple, I no longer get push mail on my iPhone, they seem to try and force me to reveal my real name on every app I use (YouTube), and they constantly tell me I should sign up to G+ and make it very hard to not do so.

    Even my parents suddenly appears in G+ asking me to join their friggin “circles”.

    Choice is everything and I DO NOT want to use their crappy eco-system.

  • cjvaans03

    I was surprise I have this installed on my pc without any signs or permission whatsoever! They are clearly stepping on everyone’s privacy. I cannot trust them with my important files anymore.

    Damn you Google! Stepping on people’s privacy is low!

    • bill

      get over it

  • Iqbal Sani

    It is too good

  • Justme

    It follows you and they sell the information about you when one downloads a app if you do not check the small box I mean real small box on the end of the app before you push the button to install the box says no google install with app the it will in still the blessed thing so look at end of app you are installing before you push to install.
    After where they describe what the app you are installing is all about there is a box that is checked for Google uncheck it, then no google ok

  • Justme

    Uncheck the small box