OPPO N1 version of CyanogenMod now available for download


If you are one of the individuals who managed to get their order in and filled for an OPPO N1, but opted for the regular version instead of the special edition CyanogenMod version, there is a new option to get CM on the device. CyanogenMod announced yesterday the availability for download and install the CyanogenMod firmware that normally would come on the special edition.

Although based on the slightly older CM 10.2, the new ROM release does include customizations and features that are unique to the OPPO N1. This includes support for the rear panel O-Touch and the O-Click remote control, support for the rotating camera, and some features that carry over from OPPO’s default Color OS like wake on double-tap.

The OPPO N1 CyanogenMod ROM can be installed on any version of the OPPO N1, though it will erase all data when installed. If you have one of OPPO’s new device and you are ready to take the CM plunge, hit the source link below for the OPPO forums for instructions and the download file.

sourec: OPPO Forums
via: TechnoBuffalo