Nexus 5 will not work on Verizon’s network


Verizon has had some major issues with carrying feature Android devices in the past. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus took forever to hit the market because of Verizon’s long software review process, and the Nexus 4 didn’t even support LTE in a world where pretty much every new device had LTE capabilities. Then there was the whole Nexus 7 controversy. It was initially announced that Verizon would be supporting the tablet at I/O 2013, but the carrier later said it wouldn’t be supported, and refused to activate the tablet after launch. After an enormous amount of customer complaints, Verizon said that it would be supported soon. (So we know it wasn’t a matter of it being possible or not, it was purely a business decision.)

Today, Google’s Sundar Pichai said that the Nexus 5 will not be on Verizon— it will, however, run on Sprint and T-Mobile’s network. (AT&T not yet known.)

However, Pichai did say that Google is working with Verizon on a set of projects for 2014. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but hopefully it’s a Verizon version of the Nexus 5, or maybe even a Verizon Nexus 7— maybe even an entirely new device.

Source: The Verge


  • Sancho

    Until i see a nexus 5 with a verizon sim in it not working. or someone flashing G2 radios onto their nexus 5 and then seeing if it works, im gonna hold out hope.

  • Ahmad al-As’ad

    I’m confused. The Nexus 5 is a World phone. Why wouldn’t I be able to buy the phone and activate on VZW? I understand that a VZW version of the phone is not going to be available, but is there a reason why I wouldn’t be able to activate the phone if I purchased it out right somewhere else (off of Google, or soon off of Best Buy, Amazon, RadioShack, etc.)?

    • Jonny

      It won’t work on their network. A “world phone” has nothing to do with specific carriers. Simply put, if your carrier is Verizon, don’t get this phone.

    • jack smith

      It WILL work on their network, it has all of the proper band frequencies to be used on a VZW network, just look at the N5’s official radio specs.

      The problem is with Verizon itself, they WILL NOT activate the N5 on their network. They do not allow any device on their network that does not pass their “review process”, which involves locking down the phone (to combat rooting and locking the bootloader), and to install bloatware.

      Just look at the SGS4 Verizon updates, the 4.2.2 update locked the bootloader on the phone (which was previously unlocked). Verizon demanded this.

      Verizon continually refuses to give up full control of it’s phones to Google as they did with Apple, and this is where Google and Verizon have butted heads in the past.

      • Ahmad al-As’ad


        I tend to agree with you more than I do with Jonny. That said, I currently have an HTC Incredible (3yrs old) that I had rooted and pretty much erased and started over. It’s on VZW without a glitch. But again, that IMEI … basically, that device, was on VZW prior to me mocking with it and it may have “passed” because it was a VZW-ized phone at one point.

        I have it in me to call them and see if I can activate the phone w/ them once the Nexus 5 I ordered for my daughter comes in. Otherwise, it’ll have to be a StraightTalk for her plan.

        • jack smith

          Don’t be surprised when they tell you that it isn’t compatible with their network, even if you print out the official radio specs to show them that it can indeed operate on their network.

          • guest20

            Verizon says same thing about the N7 (2013). well i have one, and have unlimited sim, and it works fine. however, this SIM has voice/text/LTE. it’s just not approved on their network, so they will tell you it isn’t “compatible”.

            So i’m wondering if i do the same with the N5, will i still be able to use voice/text/LTE? i’m not talking about Voice as in VoIP, actual voice 2G/3G

      • Mike

        Just curious, has anybody tried or heard of anybody trying using the an active sim from a Verizon g2 in the Nexus 5. They are very similar phones. It looks like you could modify the Nexus 5 to use the IMEI of a Verizon lg g2 and use an active sim from an lg g2 and it work. Maybe not, but I would like to see someone try it.

        • jack smith

          Apparently the EFS of the N5 is entirely modable/flashable, per the guys over at XDA dev.

          I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work, but I don’t know of anyone who has tried it.

          • Mike

            Now that I think of it, any active sim on Verizon should work with the MEID of any phone on Verizon that has LTE. In theory that is.

            • guest20

              I have a 2nd line with unlimited data. i use it on my N7 (2013) and LTE works fine. of course no voice, cuz there’s no voice chip in the N7.

              however, will my same sim work on the N5 with Voice? seems like it’ll work with Verizon LTE (Similar situation as the N7). But i’d like to know if Voice/text msg will work?

  • Anon984

    After the Galaxy Nexus fiasco, I would never buy another Nexus phone on verizon.

  • Openaccess

    The GNEX fiasco is what made me leave VZW when the N4 came out. Went to T-Mobile and I have had amazing service in the Chicago land area. In fact I can get better speeds tethering on my N4 then on my VZW “4G LTE” MiFi that work pays for. Just becuz VZW says they have a better network that does not make it true.

    • Synacks

      It is a better network. Leave your city and you’ll quickly find out.

      • Matt Hunter

        T-Mobile is also better in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, and Sacramento.

        I’m sure Verizon is better in towns with less than 5,000 population though completely justifying your argument about Verizon’s network…

  • Roberto

    “However, Pichai did say that Google is working with Verizon on a set of projects for 2014. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but hopefully it’s a Verizon version of the Nexus 5, or maybe even a Verizon Nexus 7— maybe even an entirely new device.”

    Why would you hope that it’s a Verizon version of the Nexus 5? The device itself is already completely compatible with Verizon’s network. Google making a Verizon specific model would just mean giving up control of updates and adding bloatware. The same applies to a Verizon Nexus 7. If it’s an entirely new device, I sure hope it’s not Verizon specific. Carriers should not dictate to OEMs on their devices. Carriers provide the data plan, and sometimes a subsidized phone. It should stop there.

  • Que Pacifica

    I will make sure to never buy a Verizon plan no matter what phone I have.

  • Danny Lewis

    I see what they are doing, Verizon will knock you off their unlimited data plan if you upgrade now. What’s the best way to get around upgrading? By buying a Nexus 5 to keep your unlimited data!

  • Chris Wortman

    Verizon is becoming less and less relevant as carriers such as T-Mobile and AT&T just stopped trying to strong arm the users into submission. Coupled with the fact that even though T-Mobile was not acquired, contracts were signed that the towers could work on each other’s devices as “roaming”. When your device is “roaming” you incur no extra charge and speeds are simply capped to 3G speeds. And now Sprint wants T-Mobile. Oh did I forget to mention that if you are on AT&T or Sprint, you get to use both of their towers on either HSPA+ or LTE? Basically that means more coverage than Verizon has. I am able to make phone calls when I have “no signal” even though I am not able to text or use data. This is thanks to SID, and PRL. What does this mean for you? Verizon may have “the most coverage than any other single network” but with the combined efforts to give you a reliable way of making and receiving basic services like texting and phone calls, while with Verizon you are stuck with Verizon towers. If you drop service, so what you are effed, while I am on my GSM and LTE enabled device with any of the afore mentioned services, now magically are somehow able to get service. So yeah, with the combined efforts we are seeing the other companies team up against Big Red here!