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MotoMaker Moto X Now At $479.99 Off-Contract, A $100 Price Drop

Motomaker MotoX

Hey, who doesn’t love a good discount nowadays? Well, you’re in luck. The MotoMaker Moto X has now dropped to a mere $479.99 for a no-contract version of the handset. If you want to own your device right out, we think this is a pretty fair price to go the hassle-free route of not being locked into a carrier. The original drop to $99 for the on-contract device is still available should you want to go the subsidized route. However, at this time the offer for the non-contract device only extends to the AT&T version through the MotoMaker site. The off-contract price is good for the 16GB model while the 32GB will run you $529.99. Stay tuned as we’ll keep an eye out should the offer extend to T-Mobile customers which would be ideal since the device is currently a whopping $599.99 for a 16GB (Dev Edition $649.99/32GB). It would probably be in Magenta’s best interest to get the ball rolling on a price drop to take advantage of the upcoming holidays. Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

source: MotoMaker

  • bitbank

    When the price of the unlocked Moto X hits $349, then I’ll consider buying it instead of the Nexus 5.

  • Mick

    If you buy the Moto X from Republic Wireless, it’s only $299. Even better, service can range from a mere $5 to $40 a month with no limits.

    • jsirianni7

      and that’s for an off-contract price? If so, that’s pretty impressive. Thanks Mick

      • Mick

        Yeah, it is off-contract, but the phone’s not unlocked. To use the Republic Wireless special calling system it needs to have their software on it; I mean it’s still got regular ol’ android but it can’t be unlocked. Yet. :3