Lenovo announces Vibe X and Vibe Z smartphones to tackle the international market

lenovo vibe

Lenovo has never really had success in the American smartphone market, but in China they’ve seen exponential growth and can compete with major players like Sony and HTC. While I’m sure Lenovo is happy with their market share in Asian markets, their next step is to try to make a dent in the international market, which they’re hoping to do with two newly unveiled smartphones; the Vibe X and Vibe Z.

The Vibe X is a 5-inch phone with a full HD screen and an October 20th release date. It’s aggressively priced at $470, which should give it some momentum when it’s released to the rest of Europe during the holidays. The Vibe Z is a slightly modified Lenovo K900, which we’ve seen show up in leaks every once in awhile. It’s packing a full HD 5.5-inch screen and 2 GB of RAM, but instead of using Intel’s processors, the Vibe Z is sporting a Snapdragon 800. No release date or pricing is available, but it’ll likely be out around the same time as the Vibe X and cost a bit more.

source: VR-Zone

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