Roku takes a dig at the Chromecast, but plans on implementing a similar feature


When Google introduced the Chromecast, it was indeed a game changer. Obviously for the functionality, but mostly because of the $35 price tag. Roku CEO Anthony Wood recently said the Chromecast only got attention because of this price point. Thanks for telling us the obvious, but you have to admit the simplicity of use had to be a key factor.

Still, Roku plans on joining the party by adding DIAL support to their set-top boxes. DIAL stands for “Discovery and Launch” and is the same protocol that Google implemented with the Chromecast and something that is already utilized in many televisions from companies like LG, Panasonic, and Vizio. Roku already included support to stream video from Android devices earlier in the week.

Still it remains to be seen if companies like Roku can implement their own standard and get support from developers such as Netflix. These features still need to be implemented in the apps, and it seems to me that one standard makes the most sense. Google probably has the best shot at that.

Wood also went on to say that separate set-top boxes and dongles will be a dinosaur because TVs will just implement all of these features. Although I agree with the convenience of that, I personally would rather buy separate units. I don’t need to buy a new TV every two years thank you very much.

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source: IDG

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