Samsung Galaxy Note III to ship with Android 4.3


It’s all but officially confirmed that Samsung will be unveiling their brand new phablet, the Galaxy Note III in Berlin next month at IFA 2013. We have a good idea of the phone’s hardware specs, but we haven’t been able to figure out what version of Android the device will ship with. The LG G2 (which was announced on Wednesday) will be shipping with Android 4.2.2 and will upgrade eventually to 4.3— disappointing, but not a huge deal.

Good news today on the Samsung front though, as SamMobile tweeted out that the Note III will indeed come with 4.3 right out of the box. This gives the phone a head start over most other phones, and could also possibly mean that Samsung will be ahead of the curve for the impending release of Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie later this year.

The Galaxy Note III is shaping up to be an absolute beast so far— so that just leaves one question: Will you be grabbing at the LG G2 this year, or will you end up going with Samsung’s new flagship phablet, the Note III? Hit us up in the comments.

Source: @SamMobile

  • Keith0606

    Note 3 as long as Verizon has a 32gb model.

    • Xan

      I read German web page that said it will have 128GB internal memory. Is that sufficient?

      • Harrison Kaminsky

        It’s actually 128 Gb (gigabits) which is only 16 GB (gigabytes).

  • Steve

    Waiting semi patiently for my Note III. I have my upgrade available on Verizon so now I’m just waiting for the release of the phone.

  • Vik

    I’m still using Iphone 3g I bought in 2008. I refused changing my phone every year. After much deliberation and meticulous “finding-out” on what I want in a phone, I’ve decided to get myself a Galaxy Note III. Can’t wait to get hold of it.

    • fredphoesh

      you’re in for a major change of screen size! have fun ;)

  • Quwam

    Galaxy Note 3 if it has a 32gb model

  • Carlos illich

    I’ll never buy an LG smart phone again. I had the optimus 3d which was terrible and lg support was non existent. Note 3 all the way
    Lg =loser goods.

  • Richard Grayson

    Who would buy an LG smart phone? They are the worst manufacturers of smart phones. They should stick to fridges.

  • David Land

    I have a Note 2 and love it so I’ll be going with the Note 3 as soon as it is available.