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Android 4.3 leaks for the Nexus 4


Android 4.3 is likely to be officially available next week for the Nexus 4, but if you just can’t wait a few extra days, a leaked version is available. The build is JWR66N and was installed on a phone bought on Craigslist from a Googler. The build is in TWRP backup format so you will need the custom recovery installed. Currently the radio and bootloader are missing, but will be added soon. We also don’t know how final this firmware is so there could be other bugs. I will simply wait, but for those of you that just can’t, hit the source link.

additional download link

source: XDA
via: MoDaCo

  • Justin A

    I suppose 4.3 is around the corner for other Nexus devices as well? any news on those?

    • Guest

      the joy of owning a pure google device :)

      • Justin A

        Yes, my Nexus 10 would appreciate the new stuff. It has a few weird quirks with the present OS.