Redesigned Gmail app with categories rumored to release Wednesday


A few days ago we showed you screenshots of a redesigned Gmail Android app that were leaked at an I/O session.  An anonymous tipster sent some sloppy screenshots to some sites a few days ago, and now ryan_socio of the Verge (who was the first to leak that Google Babel was actually Hangouts) has confirmed the rumors. The interface reportedly has five tabs – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums – in which incoming email will automatically be sorted. The desktop version of Gmail uses tabs to display the categories, Android puts them in categories in the inbox, and iOS lists them in the sidebar.

The tip says that the rumored images are from a draft of a Gmail Blog post, so it could be only days until we will see if it’s true.  A refreshed Android app with the collapsible navigation drawer would be a welcome site to see. The categories feature, which should be optional, could easily replace Gmail’s “multiple Inboxes” option and improve the “SmartLabels” feature currently in Labs.

Source: Android Police