Latest numbers show Android maintaining smartphone OS dominance in U.S. market for first quarter


comScore released smartphone manufacturer and operating system data today for the first quarter of 2013 in the U.S. market. The numbers show Android continuing to dominate with 52 percent market share for operating systems. This was down slightly from December 2012 when Android held 53.4 percent of the market. Blackberry also slid down to only 5.2 percent of the market and Symbian took a small dip. Apple’s iOS was the big gainer for the quarter jumping 2.7 percent to grab 39 percent of the market and Microsoft also gained slightly.

While Android enjoyed ┬áthe top spot in terms of operating platforms, Apple continued to hold a grip in terms of manufacturer market share with their 39 percent share of the market. The 2.7 percent jump outpaced Samsung’s gain of 0.7 percent of the market. HTC, Motorola, and LG all saw their market share slide during the quarter.

2013’s first quarter did not see any major smartphone releases from the major Android manufacturers. That situation will change during the second quarter with devices like the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 hitting the market. While Apple fans and investors will rejoice over this latest shot of positive news, the happiness may only last until second quarter numbers are released.



source: comScore