Sony to release two flagship devices later this year, Honami and Togari


Sony has two flagship models slated for release later in 2013, and we’re finally hearing some details about the pair of devices. According to a device tester, the Togari device will sport a 6.44 inch, 1080p screen with a similar body style to the glass Xperia Z, as well as a white option, similar to the Z. The phablet could possibly be released in July in Japan, although there’s no word on when or if it would make it’s way to other markets.

The Honami is rumored to be a true Xperia Z successor, packing a 1080p 5-inch screen, dedicated Walkman audio chip, and a whopping 20 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens. According to the device tester, it’s one of the most attractive devices Sony has ever made, trumping both the Xperia Z and the iPhone 5. Obviously, that’s pretty subjective, but exciting nonetheless. It could also possibly hit shelves in July in Japan. Impressively enough, both devices are said to be water and dust resistant.

Chinese site ePrice says Honami will launch in July, then see an international release within two months. ePrice also says Honami will use the impressive Snapdragon 800 chip, have 2 GB of RAM, and an embedded battery. We won’t know anything for certain until Sony takes the veil off the devices, but these are definitely phones you should get excited about.

source: Xperia Blog

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  • tottyrice

    if the honami specs are correct and sony would have their triluminous screen ready for this phone i’m soooo willing to pay full price for it

  • andrew

    Glass back. Too slippery. Otherwise I would consider the larger Togari.

    • jared

      Get a carbon fiber skin it will fix the glass back