Rumor: Key Lime Pie won’t be ready for Google I/O?


Today’s Google I/O rumor is a Debbie Downer, but take it with a very small grain of salt. Google I/O is taking place next month, and unless you have been living under a rock, you know it’s the biggest stage of the year for Google. Naturally you would expect that a new version of their OS would be announced, even if it were a minor tweak. Everyone and their brother is expecting that Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be the chosen one, but a new rumor suggests that Google is pushing it back two to four months. The supposed reason is to give OEMs “breathing room” as in so many phones aren’t running Ice Cream Sandwich and/or Jelly Bean yet.

This sounds plausible, but this has been a problem since day one for Android so why would Google start caring about it now? It doesn’t make much sense to me, but a rumor is a rumor and some of them do come true.

The same source is reiterating what we reported over the weekend, which is that we will see an updated Nexus 4 with 32GB of storage and LTE. They believe the price point will be $349, and the current 16GB model will drop to $299. The 8GB model would likely be phased out or dropped to $249.

So what do you guys think? Is it possible that Google would not show an updated version of Android on their biggest stage? Do you think we will finally see an LTE version of the Nexus 4?

source: gadgetronica
via: phonearena

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  • kurt hinds

    Doesn’t matter to me I’m on the current latest version of android on my nexus 4 so whatever happens at io I’m Kool with it.

  • dinmab

    i dont believe this. even if they show this OS now, there wont be a new nexus running this till dec/nov. so that is your 4-5 months .

  • oli72

    totally agree.

  • Andy J

    I find it amazing that people still seem to believe that the next version of Android is ALWAYS released at I/O – it’s not true – it was either ICS or Jellybean that was previewed at I/O but wasn’t actually “available” (by which mean in AOSP) until mid November. I find it even more amazing that blogs dedicated to Android seem to of forgotten this fact.

  • paxmos

    Google should not care about OEMs in this regard as they come up with these junk skins/UIs and different phones everyday and then obviously fall behind in upgrading them. If Google really cares, then should have guidelines in the creation of and upgrade process of OEM’s skinned version of Android.