Sony rumored to be working on Cyber-shot and Walkman-based Xperia smartphones behind the scenes



Yup— it’s looking more and more like 2013 is shaping up to be the year of the Sony devices for Android fans. New rumors have surfaced indicating that the ever-growing manufacturer is all set to bring in some topnotch camera and sound capabilities in its Xperia line of handsets. Let me explain– rampant rumors have surfaced recently regarding speculation of Sony’s Cyber-shot and Walkman technologies into the following upcoming flagships: a 5-inch Cyber-shot-based smartphone with unrivaled camera capabilities, a 5-inch Xperia Walkman-based device featuring an integrated amplifier chip, an “iPhone competitor” with a small form factor and finally, a mysterious phablet-type device. The neat thing is the fact that each rumored device are expected to feature top of the line guts inside which presumably include a hyper-fast processing chip and a current/up-to-date version of Android.

Naturally Sony is staying mum on the possibility of some attractive devices on the horizon, but considering it has plans on sitting at the big boy table in the near-future, these rumors shouldn’t be too far-fetched.

source: PhoneArena


  • Justin A

    I’m ready for a phone that has a “good” camera functionality. I wish the galaxy camera worked as a phone… bluetooth in the car, bluetooth headset the rest of the time – it’d never touch my face.

  • Ray Oody

    when should we expect this?? Q3?

  • Adrian Greenwood

    You know, I had a little old W810i SE phone and loved the quality of the pictures and the integrated walkman feature (for the time!!). My contract comes to a close end April and I am struggling to decide between the S4, HTC one or the Sony Experia Z. If this new rumour is confirmed before then I might just be tempted to wait for this beauty!!