New widget puts the latest Google Doodle on your home screen


Chances are you’ve seen a few Google Doodles during your adventures on the internet. Google occasionally puts some artistic flair into their logo on their search page, and it’s generally some pretty cool stuff to see. Unfortunately, with our search widgets and Google Now and mobile browsers, we miss many of those doodles. Today, however, thanks to XDA member emprize, you can grab a neat widget that puts the doodle of the day right on your home screen, so you’ll never miss another iteration again.

It also functions as a full search app, complete with current doodle, and lets you view past doodles. Nothing fancy, but in this case, it doesn’t need to be. The developer has put up two versions of the app on the Play Store. One version is ad supported, while the paid version has no ads. This idea is definitely worth the small price he’s asking. Hit the links below to get your hands on the app.

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Play Store Download Link (Free)

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Play Store Download Link (Paid)

About the Author: Jared Peters

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