Google Glass gets some Android-powered competition from Vuzix

It looks like the future is going to consist of wearing lots of funny looking technology on our bodies and everyone is joining the party. Today at CES, Vuzix showed off its own version of smart eye wear which will stand in direct competition to Google Glass. The irony here is that Vuzix is basing their eye wear off of Google’s Android software in order to directly compete with Google. The Vuzix’s M100 will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and house a small display that hovers over one eye. Vuzix is expecting to launch the product for $500 later this year, which is significantly cheaper and sooner than Google’s plans. Inside the M100’s you’ll find a WQVGA color display, an OMAP processor, 4GB of internal storage, 1GB of RAM, a 1080p camera all running atop Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. For more information, you can hit the source link. To stay up with all our CES 2013 coverage, click here.

Source: Vuzix

  • Torqueobama

    I got a headache just looking at the picture

    I’m glad to see there is some competition though. I can’t wait for my auxiliary brain.

  • dqdfx

    You know what means this won’t compete? 2 hours battery life and actually obscuring your vision.

    This is the laziest attempt at competition to be called competition I have ever seen.

  • PKM

    Lol competition on android, using Googles own weapon :O

  • Competition

    I am glad to see there is some competition though.This is the laziest attempt at competition.