Google IO 2015 Coverage

Google Glass With Prescription Lenses Spotted Out In The Wild in New York City


We may not know what Google Glass will feature exactly, but at least we know how the revolutionary pair of glasses will potentially look like— at least for those who happen to wear regular glasses. Apparently, Google has been handing out some Google Glass prototypes to some select testers out there as at least one tester was spotted out wearing a specialized prototype similar to what we’ve seen previously, but this time featuring two lenses in front. The fact that we’re seeing a prototype with lenses isn’t too surprising for a few reasons. Rumor has it that not only is Google potentially working with frame makers, but Google could possibly be working on and shipping Glass with some optional mounts for the lenses, which can be fitted at popular stores that carry the lenses.

As exciting news as this recent sighting is— keep in mind that the general public will still need to wait a while before getting their hands on this puppy. A finalized version of Google Glass will not be ready until at least next year, so the only people who will potentially get to have an idea oh how this product and technology will work are the developers (and people of other interests) who will be able to obtain a special preview version. Fortunately, next year will be here before you know it, so hopefully the wait isn’t going to be too bad.


source: RoadToVR
via: Phandroid