Once again, all Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices are now sold out

Not much to our surprise, Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 devices have all sold out yet again. Customers who still wish to order one or both of these devices now have to wait till Google replenishes their stock. In addition, their 16GB Nexus 7 tablet is also sold out. It seems as if customers are really stocking up on Google’s popular devices for this Christmas. Certainly a good sign for Google, but hopefully in the future Google prepares for such a high demand so that this doesn’t happen again.

Either way, once stock is replenished on these devices, TalkAndroid will be sure to let you all know asap!

source: Google Play

  • Kinda

    ..And you guys really still believe this is because of the “high demand”? Come on..

    • http://twitter.com/MysteryMannnnn Mystery Man

      ?? what.. shipping time was up to 8 weeks

    • http://www.bible-tech.com/ Justin A

      it would seem you do not. I was told by a customer service rep that my nexus 10 was delayed 3 days because of demand. Of course they can lie, but why? Especially when we are talking 3 days.

      • http://twitter.com/Mackster248 Macky Evangelista

        Yeah, some people have had their N4’s shipped out yesterday when it was supposedly a 6-7 week wait. They only waited a week I think.

    • http://twitter.com/Mackster248 Macky Evangelista

      Lol, what else could it be? People like looking for those conspiracy reasons. :P

  • Correction!!!

    @Macky Evangelista

    Your story is completely misleading and inaccurate… They are sold out at Google play store…. Not sold out at Staple or Walmart.

    • http://twitter.com/Mackster248 Macky Evangelista

      Completely? I probably should have mentioned it only being Google Play. But it was assumed in the article, especially since I sourced the Play Store. Either way, thanks for pointing that out.

  • tshark

    Actually, they are sold out at all the Staples, Walmarts, and OfficeMax stores within 100 miles of me. Some stores either don’t carry them or never had them in stock.
    This is ridiculous! Google runs the Nexus sales/availability like a basement operation. They didn’t just run out once–but did it again. Are they not geared to handle their expected sales? This on top of Google dropping services many people use.
    Of course, Google says they’re waiting on their “partners”. Strangely, no ETA or backorder. One almost suspects that the delay is in advance of a massive recall for issues–especially in light of all the reported problems with these devices.

  • nemesis

    Well, if Google mission was frustration, dissappointment, annoyance, irritation, and the knowledge that Google’s Android devices were just a passing fad, Google has certainly succeeded. After flooding the market with a wide array of mostly redundant, lackluster devices that are only erratically available, have questionable features and quality, and whose dramatic price changes make buyers feel ripped off, Google has no idea when–or if–the most popular devices will be available. Of course, production is somewhat at the whim of the too-often unreliable availability and poor quality of these Southeast Asian devices.
    By the way, has anyone else noticed that Google is trying to force users of its OS to use Google’s browser, Chrome? I seem to remember people being upset with Microsoft for doing a similar thing. We know the result for Microsoft, but somehow it’s OK for Google?
    Perhaps Google’s issue is that they’re just a clumsy, small-time, incompetent corporation with a fledgling, piecemeal OS and a dim future. Perhaps the problem is that the hardware supply and quality are at the mercy of a third-world country whose goal is to make the junkiest product they can get away with at the highest cost. Then there’s their OS that doesn’t know what to call itself, and whose names sound as if they were picked by children. Did I forget the piecemeal OS? How about the add store? The Google Play store is filled with every piece of adware imaginable. Somewhere I heard that there are 700,000 ads that can be downloaded and installed, each of which has dubious compatibility, questionable functionality, and may possibly render your device useless pending a hard reset.
    People gripe about Microsoft’s OS being unstable, but how about these Android devices that run OK until someone installs something, or for about 3 months–whichever comes first. During that time, the devices are plauged by random reboots, regular lockups, and crashing. Often as not, the devices freeze up. It’s faster to go use another device. Sometimes, the lucky buyer is beset with the obvious quality problems of the device actually falling apart–often because it wasn’t assembled correctly in the first place. For those fortunate few who can coble some usefulness from their Android device, there remain the under-engineered problems of the flimsy charging port that is designed to fail, the chargers themselves with cords that are far to short and are themselves prone to constant failure, and the batteries that either overcharge and swell such that they split the phone apart or have such short daily and overal lifetimes that the device must always be plugged in.
    What is up with this idiotic charging port, anyway? Now that they found the most useless, flimsy charging port, they have “standardized” on it?! The charge plug constantly falls out. The car chargers last a week or two. After a few months, the charging port on the phone won’t hold anything. As for the battery, how can these devices even be termed as portable? After the battery shows fully charged, you check a few things on the device, and the battery is already yellow. By the time you get to the car, the battery is in the red. You plug it in to the car charger, and, by the time you get it to actually start taking a charge, the device is powering off.

    Better yet, call their “tech support”. I dare you. These people are as useless as tits on a boar. They don’t know anything about, well–ANYTHING! The only way I could imagine them being of any value, would be as fertilizer.