QuickShot HD Camera app helps you capture those easy-to-miss moments

Has it ever happened to you? You know, a sweet or silly moment with your kids…or a cool, rare sports car driving by. You try to get out your phone to capture the moment, but by the time you fish it out of your pocket, unlock it, fumble to find the camera app, wait for it to load, focus and snap, the moment is long gone; forever lost. Isn’t there a better solution to capturing those hard to get shots?

Enter QuickShot HD. This awesome app is a super fast way to quickly capture those fleeting moments. Simply add an icon to your homescreen and the next time you see something you want to photograph, point your phone in that general direction and tap the icon. That’s it. The picture will then be saved to your gallery. You didn’t have to wait for the app to open, focus or even click the shutter button. It’s a one step process that will ensure you capture those easy-to-miss moments. Some of you might be thinking, “Ya right…how am I supposed to take a decent picture without seeing what I’m shooting?” Well, the developer of the app has you covered. There’s a second icon that you can add to your screen that will take multiple, continuous shots until you press the icon again, ensuring that you’ll get at least one good shot out of the few dozen snapped.

The app costs $3 and is available on Google Play. Three dollars is a little pricey for a camera app, but if making sure you don’t miss any more important photos is a high priority for you, it might be worth your coin. Just hit one of the download links to get started.


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About the Author: Alexon Enfiedjian

Alex Enfiedjian is an Android enthusiast and tech journalist from Central California.