Google releases statement regarding Nexus 4 availability: will restock “in the coming weeks”

So you didn’t land a Nexus 4 on launch day? Join the crowd. I know of at least two members of the staff here that weren’t lucky enough for the stars to align and land the device either. Turns out 12:00 p.m. EST really means 11:46 a.m. EST, or somewhere along those lines.  Not that it would’ve made a difference anyway, most likely. Most folks were faced with either ‘Coming Soon’ option on the Play Store at the stroke of Noon EST, or they were just sitting there with nothing in their cart after selecting their device. Not that it was a surprise either however, after what happened in Australia and the UK.

Google has taken to Google+ in its first statement since the release regarding the shortage. Get ready to play the waiting game, folks. Google mentioned that they’ve “sold out of some of our initial stock in a few countries” and they are “working hard to add more Nexus devices to Google Play in the coming weeks to keep up with the high demand.” A few countries? More like most major countries including Australia, the UK, the U.S., and Canada. So what’s the real story – a real shortage, limited supply to generate more hype, or essentially earliest of adopters ‘beta testing’ the device for a week or so? And so it begins. The waiting game.

source:  +Nexus

About the Author: Sean Stewart

Born in Tennessee yet raised in Florida, Sean is an analyst now living back in Tennessee. His love for gadgets and electronics began in the early 90’s when he received a Sony Walkman for Christmas. At the time, he felt the cassette tape playing, Mega-Bass wielding, three-band equalizer piece of electronics was as good as it'll ever get. There was also the original Nintendo which consumed countless hours of his youth, followed by every follow-up version, a Sega Genesis, PlayStations, and Xboxes. He was a little late to the smartphone party however, not being exposed to one until running a jail-broken, 2nd Gen iPhone on T-Mobile’s network. His phone of choice now is the Galaxy Nexus. He spends most of his free time with his wife and two daughters.

  • nonexusforme

    not sure why i signed up for email notification????? totally worthless!! do dissapointed

    • phor11

      Ya, I’m not sure why that point isn’t getting more negative press.
      They asked people to sign up to be notified weeks in advance and then didn’t sent out a single notification.

      I also saw a lot of people say they ordered several more than they needed so that they could flip them for profit.

      They should have sent out email notifications an hour or two in advance. Having the “notify me” service up should have given them a relative idea of demand; and because of that they should have only allowed 1 phone per play store customer to spread them out and prevent “scalping”.

      Not a well handled launch, that’s for sure.

      • ash

        I don’t agree with only 1 per customer as I needed to purchase one for my husband and I. But perhaps a limit per house hold would do.

        • phor11

          Your husband could have purchased one for himself. :D

    • John

      That pissed me off like no other. I STILL havent received any notification on any of the 3 emails I had listed. This launch definitely had problems. But I will play the waiting game and constantly check the play website for the next couple of weeks.

  • jeremy

    I agree 100% with one per customer. I do see your point too, but you and your husband BOTH enjoy one while countless other wait weeks. Both me and my husband are looking to get one, but if one of us had to wait a few weeks that’s fine. At least we could have one. It would get the other excited and allow more people to get there hands on the device. That’s fair I think. Either way I doubt it would have mattered it appears Google only had 5000 world wide prepared… What a shame. Wait weeks for it or if you are a devoted fan even months only to spend a whole day stressing and trying to get it. Then being told too bad were all out now you have to wait weeks longer if you want it.. That’s it. In the coming weeks. In other words man we have no fucking clue what were doing!!! Sadly I’ll just keep waiting because after using a nexus I refuse to purchase any other phone. :-(

    • nexus4life

      Your name is “jeremy” and you have a husband? interesting…

      • jeremy

        Yes. I live in Canada, where that is legal…. and accepted. :-)

        • Another Canadian

          Nice come back… :)

  • Brykins

    Guys….perspective. It’s only a phone.

  • Todd

    I beg everyone out there DO NOT buy one off an ebay seller!!! DONT DO IT!! and please spread the word NOT to buy off the gougers on ebay!

  • Jaye Parks

    8gb on ebay for $500 lol

  • mark beckford

    Google was just stupid idiots for there half ass release, And then release a flip flop statement there will be more in the coming weeks.. Go fuck yourself Google!!!!!

  • Luke

    Now because of the poor nature of Googles release of this phone, where I found myself getting kicked off the purchase screen as it was processing the purchase, I agree the e-mails notification sign ups should be more tha enough to show google the level of demand. This was purely a publicity stunt and I now refuse to purchse the phone and to be a part of Googles games.

  • Jeff C

    Considering all the press about the sellout, if I was a smart Marketing VP, week before Black Friday I release the product with limited availability to insure the sell-out headlines to maximize it being one of the hottest selling items for the holidays. Hopefully there won’t be a REAL shortage where you have yahoos selling them for over MSRP on Ebay in early December!

    So you have to wait an extra week or two for your new gadget? Geez, life must rough for you? (While people are starving in Africa.)

  • gator

    There will always be scalpers cause there are alot of idiots that cant wait and will pay there price!!!! SO TO SUM THIS UP , U CANT BLAME THE SCALPERS, BLAME THE IDIOTS THAT KEEP THEM IN BUISNESS!!
    THE REAL QUESTION IS? For the ones of us that missed out, we might be further ahead and get a 32 gb and other good thing they might tweak the phone with…good things come to people who wait!!!! THINK ABOUT IT

  • al

    Bad time to understock, the clock is ticking with christmas coming up. If they don’t suddenly appear in the next week or so, google will have lost a big catch.

  • terry

    I heard They were in Restock last night (nov 27th 2012) but got sold out ann in 10 mins…