Oakley releases Android powered Airwave ski goggles

Oakley released a new pair of ski goggles called Airwave. For $599.95 you’ll be able to hit the slopes wearing goggles that can best be described as half Google Glass, half goggles and all Master Chief. All kidding aside, Oakley’s Airwave brings a lot of appealing features including maps, temperature, jump analytics, speed, playlists and friend location. Oakley said, “The information will appear unobtrusively, as though you’re looking at a 14-inch monitor from a distance of five feet.

The goggles will pair to the Android app via bluetooth and will display messages, calls and playlist information.  Version 0.9 of the Oakley Airwave app is now live in the Google Play Store, but shows limited functionality. The only options listed on the screen shot are Trip Viewer, Buddy Tracking, Music Player and Device Pairing. It will be interesting to see if future generations incorporate a camera or maybe the old sci-fi favorite “distress beacon.”

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Source: Oakley
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