CoPilot Live For Android Now Available

CoPilot have today officially launched the first full turn-by-turn satellite navigation app for the Android platform.

copilot for android

Available to download from the Android Market, CoPilot Live features enhanced GPS navigation guidance, voice-guided turn instructions, safety camera alert, 3D mapping, and more.

The CoPilot Live app also supports online support for location sharing which allows users to track the location of their CoPilot friends, and share location information with them.

CoPilot Live Features:

  • Choice of guidance views include 2D, 3D, and Driver Safety
  • Enter up to 10 addresses in one trip
  • Trip Optimization for the most efficient route
  • Calculates multi-stop trips in seconds
  • Automatically re-routes quickly if you miss a turn
  • Instant detour feature if you encounter an unexpected delay
  • Create and Save route preferences
  • Provides continuously updated information about the trip, including Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and distance to destination

CoPilot Live for Android is available from the Android Market priced at £25.99 for the UK and Ireland, with a price tag of £59.99 for Europe.


  • joey

    Actually, telenav was the first.

  • Andrew

    Copilot 10 for PC was one of the buggiest applications I have used in my life, so I wouldn’t trust this (and yes, other people had the same problems as me).

    The Australian version at least crashed a lot (and it was difficult to reset when you are driving), constantly forgot it was activated, wasn’t smart enough to find the GPS receiver automatically if the port changed, etc.

    Everytime I wanted to use it, it seemed to take 15 minutes to get going (with all the problems,if I could get it going at all). And it got to the point I sold my car PC because frankly, I couldn’t rely on it for copilot anyway. What good is a GPS when you could be almost at your destination before copilot actually works? And it wasn’t because my GPS receiver was crap (it was the best available at the time), or that my computer was slow (it was 2.1GHZ penryn Dual Core). It was that everytime I started it (or tried), there seemed to be issues.

    And ALK’s/Travroutes responses to the problems (whilst rapid) were:
    1) Back up the activation file (there was instructions available for this). Activation was useless though anyway, since it only took 3 minor changes before you had to reset activations again. And since it was so easy to reset them, anyone who wanted to install it on 20 computers probably wouldn’t. The only purpose of activation was to annoy legitimate users like myself by randomly becoming unactivated (software pirates who disabled such protection wouldn’t have the same problem). The best part was that my car PC had no internet connection, so if it ever got unactivated in some remote location, I would have to make an expensive mobile call to ALK, to get it fixed!
    2) Don’t use Vista (apparently). Yes, the current version only apparently worked well on Windows XP (despite Vista SP1 having been out for ages). Or at least they claimed, because I downgraded to XP SP2. It ran better, but it still BARELY ran. The random crashes were only marginally less common. I can’t imagine why they thought that downgrading the OS would be acceptable to customers.

    I thought it was just something wrong with me, but the guy who I sold my copilot software too also had plenty of problems unfortunately. I strongly urge you guys against buying copilot. Chances are that you could need to constantly pay ALK for new versions to have any stability, and that their excuse for every problem would be to downgrade your phones firmware.

    Anyway, I haven’t used this version, just my experience and the person who I sold it to was bad. At the very least, they don’t seem like a very competent software company (and if anyone from ALK/Travroute is reading this, please take this into consideration). The PC version cost me more then what some recent GPS hardware devices with touchscreen cost, yet, even the cheapest/dodgiest asian GPS device would have been much more useful..

  • Bobby

    This is truly the best Navigation software that I have ever used. I bought CoPilot 7 last year and I’m amazed that ALK was able to top that with this version. Their user interface is so easy to use that even my wife liked it. At $35, you can’t go wrong. Absolutely the best value out there.

    Their Live Link feature is awesome. I can’t wait for them to have this available on the iPhone so I can get it for my wife too.

  • gpslogic

    Regarding, copilot 10 for laptop, I agree that it was a mess. However, i also used CP 7 for my phone and it totally kicked ass. Nothing like the old laptop product – looked like a complete rewrite and in fact that’s how it was described in copilot press releases. This next version looks very solid so far on my android device. I’ve only had it a day though but I’m impressed by it all around.

    For $35 flat rate, it’s a safe deal as far as gps goes.

  • Andrew

    Yeah.. I guess that the mobile version would be better, but I would be hesitant to support software development companies like ALK after my other experience.

    Companies who release products which have crap QA will probably only keep doing it. Also, despite their insistence downgrading would fix the crashes, it didn’t, so it sounds like rather then fix a buggy product they sold, that they preferred to take the easy/dodgy route and tell customers to downgrade their OS (thinking customers wouldn’t do so).

    I’d rather see a new GPS company arise instead. But this is just a politics thing, so I’d rather see people make up their own mind :P

  • Stuart

    I just got my refund back from Google Checkout here in the US. I downloaded last night and never did any stage of the set up process go well. It was very stressful and I consider my self Technoable and this was just awful. I really wanted this app and it just did not work. It did not download the maps right, when it did, the map would not appear, when I downloaded Copilot Central 2.0 that did not work…It was a mess and finally after being on hold for 25 mins twice I said enough is enough…But I really wanted this to work out. Shame really.

  • René

    Mine had problems downloading big maps, I ended up downloading a region. And I couldn’t download them from Central because they didn’t appear. I figured out why though, just log off central and back in with your phone hooked up and it works!

  • The Sombrero Kid

    never heard of andNav2? it’s free and it’s awesome.

  • René

    Andnev2 streams maps which sucks when there’s no 3G coverage. Also, in Denmark, where I’m from the maps suck. Honestly, you get what you pay for. It can’t even calculate the route locally but depends on the server. It’s a nice free service but like most other things that are free it’s not as good as what you pay for. This is an offline turn-by-turn navigation system and it simply works. It’s professional and has a nice GUI.

    Andnav might get there at some point but when it comes to navigation I use it when I DON’T KNOW how to get where I’m going and on that particular field I don’t want to be a beta tester. GPS Navigation has to just WORK, simple as that.

  • Andrew

    Aren’t there any OpenStreetMap based applications yet? I haven’t got a Android phone yet (I need one with 720p video recording), but that’s what I’d do..

  • Lamar

    This is really the best GPS app on android by far. The reason why you could not download the map from central is because you need to mount your phone to the pc and use wifi. Once it is complete it rocks

  • Jae

    I purchased this app. It’s complete garbage and a total scam. Google Navigator is far better and less buggy. My copilot doesn’t work, maps won’t download, and the site won’t offer a refund.

    Do yourself a favor and stay away from this garbage app.

  • Chocolate Chin

    Buggy rubbish, uninstalling as I type. Installs ok. Crashes all the time, locks up phone, cant download maps via phone or their PC software. How this got released in this state I dont know. I’ll wait for better on my Hero, thanks.

  • Earl Wertheimer

    I read the reviews and had doubts, but it was a great buy for $35. I don’t have a dedicated GPS, and I wanted the maps in my Android (Droid/Milestone) and not online. They sent me a step by step guide on installation that worked perfectly (but slowly). The North American maps are almost 2 gigs.
    It seems to take a few minutes to locate my current position, but worked perfectly on a recent trip.