Android 4.2 could be Key Lime Pie and is a Motorola Nexus and DROID RAZR X on the way?

We have another leak to throw into the rumor mill. There is no way to tell if this is legit or not, but it sure is interesting. What you are looking at is a Motorola document that specifies Android 4.2.2 as Key Lime Pie and proceeds to show when devices will get the upgrade. As you know, all of them don’t even have Jelly Bean yet. Now the other kicker is the first two devices mentioned: The DROID RAZR X and Motorola Nexus, which show them as being shipped with the said update. Now if a Motorola Nexus does exist, it doesn’t mean we will see it this Monday, it just means that it could come out at a later date. The other thing I find odd is that there is no DROID RAZR i. It’s simply the RAZR i since it’s not on Verizon. Furthermore, no international device names (non Verizon) are mentioned, just DROID devices, which appears fishy. All in all, there is no way to verify the source. I guess this information is somewhat plausible and not completely insane, but we need to caution you that it could really mean nothing. I need more information before I’m buying.

source: droidforums

Thanks Michael

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  • Saif

    I want the Motorola Nexus!!! RAZR X seems like the first Google inspired phone that will launch.

  • brutusf

    Q3 or Q4 2013? Really? You wasted my time getting excited a Motorola Nexus coming out in Q3 2013? That’s 1 YEAR away! Lots will change between now and then…

    • RogerHopkins

      Brutus why do you follow me?

  • Emeka

    I hate google for not finding a way to promote its software in a larger scale by allowing customers download software platform directly from the play store. Verizon, sprint, At& T etc do not care if customers get updates or not. So google has got to find a way to bypass these corporations. If any of these companies want to compete with Apple, then software update should be a priority for Google’s Android customers. Imagine I am thinking of buying an iphone because of Siri when google already has a better assistant in Google Now but because of manufacturers and carriers bottleneck. I cannot get it. N please dont even mention hacks to me. Why should I have to flash my phone??? Google time to take android a notch up.

  • Mario

    I hope this is a QWERTZ-Slider for Europe….because no powerful Sliders in Europe lets hope :)