Full HD smartphones from Samsung, LG to surface first half of 2013

Full HD displays seem to be the next logical step in mobile device advancement. While HTC is one of the only manufacturers with an upcoming, listed device sporting such high resolution, Samsung and LG look to get in the game soon. Not surprisingly, according to “industry sources,” Samsung and LG will launch devices with full HD AMOLED and LCD displays in the first half of next year. With the boost in resolution comes a nice boost in ppi. We’ll be looking at over 400ppi with these devices. That will obviously yield a gorgeous display. At this point, we can only speculate as to which devices from Samsung and LG will be the first to incorporate the displays. Will we see the Galaxy S IV rocking full HD? The rumored timeline certainly makes sense.


source:  MK

  • Phillip (in Utah)

    While the better display sounds great, it seems like a more logical step to me to IMPROVE the battery longevity. All these great new features still need power. It also seems to me that this type of screen would TOTALLY gobble up the battery. I can sadly see the days where it will be necessary to charge the phone 2-3 times in a single day.

  • ScreensPro

    I can see zero point in a 1080p screen except for marketing. You simply will not see any difference between this and the 720p equivalent… Just more strain on the CPU.