Acer Iconia Tab A100, A200 and A500 all won’t be receiving offcial Jelly Bean upgrades

Looks like we have some bad news for Iconia A100, Acer A200 and Acer A500 owners. An Acer spokesperson has just confirmed that a Jelly Bean update will not becoming to either of these 3 devices. While the A100 and A500 are already over a year old, the A200 was only just launched earlier this year, thus it’s quite disappointing that these devices won’t officially see anything past Ice Cream Sandwich.

Will this announcement by Acer make you guys who own these devices to root them?

source: Notebookitalia

  • jose

    Awww man was really excited for a jelly bean update for my a200

    • krissebesta

      Time to start looking for a Jelly Bean ROM. Anyone had any luck with one? Cyanogen 10?

      • tobias

        cyano 10 works quite well on the a500, somtimes get stuck in lockscreen, but you can just disable him…

  • Faringston K

    This is sad, sad news. I was hoping for JB on my a500!

  • Eryn

    ICS messed up the gyroscope on my A500, I was hoping JB would fix it.

    • anakin

      just fyi, it wasn’t ICS that messed it up. It was Acer as Acer modified ICS to make it run on their tablets. Google provides ICS and desperately tries to convince tablet/phone makers to keep android and updates as they are; stock android. It’s not google’s fault Acer/Samsung/HTC/etc.. changes Android and locks up your devices.

  • Ziggy34

    I really hope Google comes out with a Nexus 10″ tablet. If not I think my next tablet will be an Asus, they seem to be good about updates.
    I do know the A500 will be my last Acer tablet.

  • swtrainer

    I’ll be glad when Android has matured as an perating system to the point that new versions aren’t coming out so often that it outdates systems almost immediately and then buyers find there is no update for the tablet or phone that they bought…I’m no app developer, but it must be a struggle for them to have to develop apps for Android when so many phones and tablets are running so many different versions of the Android OS.