Intel readying next-gen, dual-core Medfield, LTE devices

If there’s one knock on Medfield-based Intel smartphone chips when comparing them to the ARM-based chips, it’s that they do not support 4G LTE connectivity. Intel is looking to change that “later this year and ramping into 2013.” While Intel’s current Medfield devices feature Hyperthreading making them “appear” to have multi-cores, they’re looking to move into the true multi-core device segment to gain a foothold with U.S. carriers. While they aren’t quite ready to jump to the quad-core offerings, their dual-core phones will still feature Hyperthreading, thus acting like a quad-core device. How will this play out in the U.S. market with so many folks stuck on specs these days? And by the time we see these new Intel devices, are potential buyers going to want true quad-core devices, no matter the marketing speak? We’ll keep you posted with any updates on this front.

source:  TechCrunch