T-Mobile cancels Samsung Galaxy Note

Earlier today, web surfers started noticing something odd about the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile. The intrigue began when the Galaxy Note’s status on the T-Mobile site started showing up as not available. Checking other sites resulted in similar dead-ends – “out of stock” on Wirefly, “Closeout” on Costco, and “Backordered” on Amazon Wireless.

As it turns out, T-Mobile does appear to be in the process of putting the Galaxy Note in “end of life” (EOL) status, with the projected final date around November 1st according to anonymous sources. This probably should not be a major surprise to potential buyers considering the Galaxy Note has been out for close to a year and the successor Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is poised for release.

Now T-Mobile users who are interested in one of Samsung’s Note devices need to hope T-Mobile is a little more on the ball in getting the Galaxy Note 2 into their pipeline.

source: Android Police

  • tommy gun

    Okay there is nothing from T-Mobile that should cause you to say that they have canceled it. You might wanna change your title.

    • Note Lover

      Thank you, I agree!