HTC plans to release another Facebook phone next year

Remember last year’s Facebook phone, the HTC ChaCha (the Status in the U.S.)? Probably not since barely anyone bought one. I couldn’t imagine HTC would try it again, but according to Bloomberg Facebook and HTC are working together and will release it sometime in 2013. Facebook wanted to release it by the end of this year, but HTC needed more time to work on other products.

For this time around, Facebook is developing a modified operating system. Although Android was never mentioned in the article, we can only assume this will be based on Android and be a completely forked version similar to what Amazon has done with the Kindle Fire.

I guess this isn’t a shocker that Facebook wants to do this. Everyone is into branding and even Amazon will probably come out with their own phone. Facebook currently has 900 million users, and over 450 million of those users access it via mobile devices. That’s great, but the negative is that none of their advertising revenue comes from mobile. With a Facebook phone, marketers might be more inclined to jump onboard. Not me!!

source: bloomberg


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