Google’s New Voice Search Survives a 47 Question Barrage

by Macky Evangelista on
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Google’s new Voice Search and Google Now has gone through numerous tests by various users ever since Google announced them. Thus far, no one has given Google Voice Search such a long and informative test like this YouTube user by the name of JLishere on his Samsung Galaxy Nexus. He goes through various types of questions and I felt like Google’s Voice Search was really up for the challenge and performed very well. Take a look at the video yourself and let us know what you think about the tests that he ran.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • tBs_Battousai

    Will all those features be available outside the US or just some?

  • travis

    Will.all.the galaxy nexus get this feature

  • Krzysztof Kajdasz

    The answer for everything is 42 :D Who needs any other answer?