Sony Xperia S Is Next In Line To Get Ice Cream Sandwich Treatment

Sure it’s been a while since Ice Cream Sandwich has been out, but at least more and more devices are (finally) being updated to the latest Android 4.0.4 software. Sony announced through its blog that its Xperia S smartphone is next in line to get the software makeover. It will gradually roll out the software starting today and promises to bring a host of goodies for Xperia S owners. On the ICS side, users will be treated to items such as an improved lock screen (which includes Facial unlock) and resizable widgets. On the Sony software side— users will be treated to things like the WALKMAN app, which blends Sony’s audio technology with social intergration (think Facebook or Twitter) and the Movies app— which allows users of the device to have the ability to take advantage of the phone’s screen and hardware to stream movies in high quality audio/video.

The update is pretty hefty— coming in at around 200MB or so. But hey, the end result will make everything worth it… believe us. Keep in mind if you’re on a carrier-branded version of the Xperia S, you may need to wait a while before you see that long-awaited upgrade notification on your phone.



source: Sony Mobile Blog

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