Sprint No Longer a Majority Shareholder Of Clearwire

Sprint has recently voiced concerns with Clearwires’s debt and just announced that its holdings in the company are now below 50%. What does this mean exactly? Well, this means Sprint is no longer the majority share holder of the company and that the partnership between the two are going by the wayside.

Sprint has had an interesting partnership with Clearwire for the past couple of years as the two shared the 4G WiMAX network. While Sprint has been pushing to build their own 4G LTE network, Clearwire isn’t being used for that new plan. Thus, I would assume that this change in market share doesn’t really matter, nor will it affect Sprint in the future. We’re not quite sure what Sprint’s plan for Clearwire will be at this point as they have given no indication about their future partnership with the company. Either way you can be sure that Sprint’s complete and undivided attention is focused on pushing out their own LTE network to compete with Verizon and AT&T’s respective LTE services. And of course, we cannot forget about T-Mobile’s plans for their very own LTE network which is said to launch in 2013.

source: Reuters